Saturday, August 10, 2013

A Few Items

1. VI recently pointed out to me that the The Obeah Bible appears to have been republished and is up on Amazon.

If you don't know much about the the book I just referenced, or the rather shady book-seller that helped spread occultism across the Caribbean, David Metcalfe has an excellent piece on the influence of De Laurence. I first read about some of de Laurence's shenanigans in Owen Davies Grimoires: A History of Magical Books, which has perhaps more snark than necessary. Mr. Metcalfe does not make that same mistake and approaches the subject with a good deal of love.

2. Sannion has written on Dionysian Purity and miasma. See here, here, and here.

Goooood stuff.

3. I do not train people in magick or witchcraft.

Do not ask me to teach you how to practice magick. I mean that in complete seriousness. I truly fucking loathe those requests, and while I try to be kind... People that try to push me after I politely say 'no' really piss me off. I'm 29 goddamn years old. I shouldn't be allowed to teach you fucking anything, and since I was mostly self-taught before joining groups? I won't take an excuses you give me seriously about why you can't start on your own.

4. I will be on a certain podcast, with another Dionysian, in September. I'll update this blog with the date and topics when all of that is settled.

5. Woke up to the smell of copal incense and the drumbeats of Mexica dancers today. That never gets old, man. I love where I live.



Jake said...

sounds good, it is important to assess de Laurence's role in 'cultural exchange' (Owen Davies' useful term). That is, the process which *really* fosters magic's development and evolution. Modern occultists adoption of insular organisational models is rather counter-intuitive and counter-productive. The Dionysian role of the 'outsider' not relevant or something? :P

Jack Faust said...

Jake: Exactly!

I don't think very many modern magicians are terribly Dionysian, though. I dunno - they read too much Nietzsche and took away different lessons than I or something?