Friday, July 5, 2013

The Wisdom of Abraxas: Divination Dice

I'm reading Mike C.'s The Wisdom of Abraxas at the moment, and really loving the form of Dice divination he's revealed. It is... remarkably similar to how I divine with the Tarot already, and displacing my cards for his dice seems like a very viable option.

There was also something he said that made me stop:
"The more complex and in depth with which we will deal involve thrice casting each, allowing you a glimpse into your past, present and future."
- The Wisdom of Abraxas (P. 18)

Typically in my divination routines, I eschew the normal Qabalistic Cross and Crowley setups for something so basic that it disturbs adepts at the art. I use three cards, each representing a state in the process of my question:
- The first card relates to the idea in question.
- The second card relates to action brought about by the idea.
- The third card relates to the final outcome.

If the results seem inconclusive, I can further subdivide each state into another triplicate set of cards, exchanging three cards for nine total and expanding the information relating to each aspect of the question.

I then analyze the cards based on their elemental and planetary associations, being careful to note when elements or planetary influences are in conflict.

This is decidedly untraditional, mind you, and the possibility of using dice instead intrigues me greatly. I also like the 'on the fly' ritual that follows immediately for using his dice.

I think, seriously, that I'll be experimenting with this very shortly.


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