Thursday, July 4, 2013

Since I've Been Super-Quiet [EDITED]

Eroclis, from 2010. Art by VVF. Sigil produced by me.
 After the last Venusberg post, I was asked by a friend and compatriot in crazy shit if I would be willing to co-write a few posts for his blog at Disinfo. Of course, I agreed.

And then somehow, a few people convinced me to start working on my first (short) book.

The first one is proceeding relatively quickly; the second is going to take a while longer.

But I wanted to update this blog and admit that I've been silent because I'm knee-deep reading more up on the history of magic mirrors, scrying, and European Treasure magick. When the article(s) all of that reading will inevitably produce is out, I'll be sure to link from this blog to them. In the meantime: sorry to all the fans of the blog who wondered where the hell I've been, and why you're not seeing more plant materia posts out. Those will resume as soon as at least one or two of the Disinfo pieces are done!*

In the meantime, I also have Pharmako-Poeia to read - which I loooooove so far - and about a dozen other books.

Worry not! I shall return again soon enough!


PS. During my little sister's visit, even my reading will slow down while I show her anime shows like the first season or two of Bleach, or go see movies, etc. I won't apologize for that!

* Truthfully, I know more about some of those subjects than others... But my buddy and I would like to trace a line in the cultural sands of Europe and the Middle East and show where certain ideas that entered those practices began, and their inevitable ascent into Renaissance magick.


Amanda Meredith said...

As a dedicated fangirl, who has been waiting 7 ... 8 years for you to write a damn book, I am sure I can wait a little longer ;p . Meanwhile, congrats on the Disinfo gig! I can't wait to see what you have for us. Much luck with it all my friend!

Satyr Magos said...

Congratulations and good luck on all those projects! I look forward to their fruition!