Friday, June 14, 2013

Late Night Viewings. [EDIT]

Many thanks to the excellent fellow that linked this earlier.

[EDIT]: Even if I disagree with elements,  this is DELIGHTFUL.


Rose Weaver said...

This. Is. Fascinating.

With which elements do you disagree, out of curiosity? *watching again*

Brother Christopher said...

English witches didn't have much fun at all, really.

and I bet this is a trend that continues to this day ;)

The Laughing Magus said...

Hahahaha. I've been pretty shit about reading up on this material, so I was wondering what parts you didn't agree with.

Jack Faust said...

What I disagree with?

In some anomalous cases, both inside and outside the UK, "witches'" put on trial definitely indicated that they believed - mistakenly or not - that they were practicing "pagan rites" and whatnot. This would indicate that in some cases the exterior beliefs he discusses did evolve into something akin to a religious train of thought. But those are anomalous cases, and you can't really make a hefty case for it. You can just point to anomalies, or cases where the 'Fairy Faith' is involved, etc. Scholars aren't very keen on treating such things as being anything more than 'ancient beliefs,' even if participants admitted that they felt what they were doing was akin to what the religious did.

Instead they do the usual thing where if someone admitted to witchery, or believed what they were doing was witchery, they were deluded.

That said: I do wish he'd gone into greater detail regarding the Cunning Folk.

Other than that? Damn good. It nicely deconstructs the whole 'pagan holocaust' shenanigans that certain individuals (who shant be named) go on about.

Jack Faust said...

Bro. Chris: C'mon, bro! The sheer documentation of 'familiar beliefs' and 'familiars' that arose out of the UK alone makes the subject worth reading up on!

Rose Weaver said...

Good points regarding your disagreements, and like you, I also wish he'd gone more in depth with regards to the Cunning Folk.

But yeah, best discussion/lecture I've seen on the whole topic. Thanks for sharing it.