Monday, June 10, 2013


(Hecate, armed with torches, and killing a giant; Christie's, London, Catalogue des pierres graves antiques de S.A. le Prince Stanislas Poniatowski ([1830?]-1833), 51, Cornelian) Via some Helenismos folks on Facebook and Rachel.


A blog reader wished to know why when talking about Hekate's Supper, I didn't explain its relation to the Noumenia. The honest answer is that while re-consulting the first three chapters of Ms. Johnston's Restless Dead, I noticed that she makes a strong case that such acts were performed on an as-needed basis. Thus, I didn't want to leave people feeling like they needed to wait like two weeks if they had a situation that needs to be sorted.


While preparing the fish, I had VVF run some divination, which was very good. At the last minute, I changed my plans to take the supper to an Old Town trivium, based on the fact that as of yesterday all the fish in the small pond/pusedo-lake attached to the park behind our house had died. The smell was... wretched. Suspecting that some weird shenanigans were going on, I instead gave my meal at the park.

We found a small, boarded area right over the lake - I kept flashing back to Ogden discussing necromancy practiced on bridges over rivers and lakes - and gave our devotions there. I actually took the miasmatic bag of gross to a T-junction at the edge of the park and left it there before returning to dedicate the meal. Somehow I managed both things without 'looking back' at either point.

Since getting up, the atmosphere of the house and the park are noticably... airier and lighter. Subsequent divination reveals a successful working.

So I have to wonder... did we, however briefly, somehow manage to purify some of the park's atmosphere and cool off the rising anger I felt from it?*

Or am I just completely fucking crazy?

Only time will tell.

* Arguably, we did very little and Hekate did all the hard work. I mean, cooking a meal isn't even comparable to the difference felt in the park. I'mma go read some Orphic hymns in it this week. 'Cuz that place feels niiiice.


Rachel Izabella said...

This is just wonderful. Real magic. Dare I say real spirituality? Just really great stuff. *gushes*

Amanda Meredith said...

Because you are 'completely fucking crazy' I have no doubt what-so-ever that you two did indeed somehow manage to purify some of that park's atmosphere. Great working, you two are amazing!

Brother Christopher said...

at the last dark moon I guess I did Hekate's supper for the first time ever (although I didn't think of that way, I was just giving offerings) and I must say, my experience afterwards was also one of lightness and a feeling of general well being.