Friday, June 7, 2013


“The Mandrake and Fern, like King Solomon's Baharas, are said to shine at night, and to leap about like a Will-o'- the-wisp: indeed, in Thuringia, the Fern is known as Irrkraut, or Misleading Herb, and in Franche Comte this herb is spoken of as causing belated travellers to become light-headed or thunder-struck. The Mandrake-root and the Fern-seed have the magical property of granting the desires of their possessors, and in this respect resemble the Sesame and Luck-flower, which at their owners' request will disclose treasure-caves, open the sides of mountains, clefts of rocks, or strong doors, and in fact render useless all locks, bolts, and bars, at will. . . .
- -Richard Folkard, Plant Lore, Legends and Lyrics. (Via VVF's post on the Fern.) 
 When I chatted with the Mandrake over the Hand of Glory, it indicated that it was akin to a treasure-spirit and that its ability to replicate coin was conjoined with its ability to find hidden things. I felt this very much tied in with the hand's ability to allow the possessor to pass through locked doors, and such. I very much wanted to get into it during the Dead Man's Hand, but if I had? I'd still writing about that today.

While I did sample Dioscorides' Mandragoras article/entry, I plan on drawing together a future one with as much as I can possibly think to put in it on the different aspects of the Mandrake, including Dioscorides comments.

Still. Just given me a moment to do this...


By which I mean, Mandrake has the power and occasionally lets me use it. But, y'know. UPG Confirmed. Sort've. Not really. I'm gonna build a stronger case over time.

Expect entries on AconiteAtropa Belladonna, and other plants in the near future, too. All European sourced; no hoodoo. Not that hoodoo isn't awesome, but there seems to be a lot of folks that just crib plant and root magic from them because they couldn't be bothered to hunt things down. It is time to correct this, I think. 

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