Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blogs, Booze, and Plants.

Earlier today, I was pleased to see Herr Doktor Phil discuss some solutions for the squabbling that has going on in the bloggosphere and elsewhere on the 'net. I especially liked the solution for finances, which is similar to what Sannion seems to do when he needs to build cash for one of his projects.

Although, frankly, I'd just like to see more sources to pilfer regarding Hermes Kthonios. I also don't think $20 is gonna convince to write about Goetia, because again, this person probably knows of scholarly material that I'd like to yoink for... reasons. But I'll still look at how funds are and what bills are left to pay around the end of the month and either send some cash his way or at the very least throw down a blessing on one of the Days o' Jupiter for this person. Because I like how hirs thinking, and the material he puts out. If you want to learn more about any Graeco-Roman, or Celtic gods/spirits/heroes, now is a good time to invest in this person for additional information.

Meanwhile, while I'm not a hard polytheist and I won't even be considering going silent next month, there will be points where I'm silent because I'm working on things. Some of those things will result in emails to folks that might like them... Or not. We'll see.

I've got entries slated for:
  • Wolfs bane (Aconite)
  • Enchanter's Nightshade (Atropa Belladonna)
And, very soon, Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris).

Additionally about four to five times a year I get questions about cannabis mysticism, magical rituals with cannabis, information on cannabis... Seriously, the list goes on and on and on. So if you want me to write about cannabis: let me know now so I can draw an entry or two up. I don't consider the subject even remotely taboo, and with the shifted stance from certain states in the US, now is a good time to write about it. So I'm pretty willing. But if no one cares, I can focus on other things.

Finally, I finished From the Bodies of the Gods. But the last five or so chapters of the book left me feeling very... 'meh'. The fact of the matter is that I'll need to consult several sources that the author mentions, most notably: Dawn of the Gods: Minoan and Mycenaean Origins of Greece by Jacquetta Hawks, The Encircled Serpent: A Study of Serpent Symbolism in All Countries and Ages by M. Oldfield Howey, Dionysos by Karl Kerenyi... And probably a dozen others... And I'll need to do that just to understand some of the ideas that inspired the author in his final chapters of the book. Some of what he's saying matches up with what I've read really well... And some of it sounds batshit crazy. While I typically feel pretty good about sorting between the two, the book left me feeling very uncomfortable and unsure at specific points.

Since I only pick up a few books each month (to keep from blowing all our money, all the time, on books), it'll probably be a while before I return to it. In the meantime I'm going to start in on Sacred and Herbal Healing Beers: The Secrets of Ancient Fermination by Stephen Harrod Buhner, which VVF has been greatly enjoying and came highly recommended by Mr. Harold Roth. Why? Henbane and mandrake based booze, man. Why wouldn't you want to make that?! Obviously, you can't sell them in most places. But who cares?

It takes making booze to give to spirits to a whole new place!

Obviously, I'd proceed with caution on any such task.


petoskystone said...

Mugwort was the plant that grew the best for me, in my previous rental space, with horrible soil. *sigh* I miss it. My new space hasn't the space to even put in a container.....

aediculaantinoi said...

Apart from getting my gender totally wrong, I do appreciate your signal boosting--thank you!

Jack Faust said...

Phil: I apologize! Do you prefer genderless reference points like 'Hir' and 'Hirs'? I will edit that in, or simply remove the gender references if you prefer.

Jack Faust said...

I tried a gender-neutral edit.

That may take some adjusting, but I'll work on not mucking up your gender again, Phil. Again, my apologies.