Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dear Neokoroi

You lot do good work.

But your section on Hekate sucks.

'Who has become a Goddess of magic'? Do I need to cite that shit, like, endlessly? How many PGM spells, references in Epic Poems and crap does one have to list before you just like straight-up say, 'IS a Goddess of sorcery'?

The article on Hekate's Supper kind've... uh... lacks some crucial information regarding Hecate, her associations with the restless dead, and all that. I know you could boil down miasma and pollution down to 'bad vibes' as the author more or less does... But... really?

Finally, one of the suggested ways of serving her is to... talk to strangers and give food to wild dogs? I mean. Sure, why not? But... uh... how about some actual freaking cult practices? Is that so much to ask? Aren't we supposed to check your site out because you lot know what you're doing?

Come on. Please. Make that entire area better. I'm not trying to knock whoever Hekatatia is... but... Seriously: that's some disappointing shit.


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