Friday, June 14, 2013

Among the Cannibal Christians

Mr. Earl Lee, who wrote From the Bodies of the Gods, dropped by and linked me to his blog for additional resources regarding the material in his book. The entries are freaking awesome. ... Which means that I can probably look forward to a few strolls through JSTOR in the coming weeks.

I've added his blog to my bloglinks, and already spent perhaps too much time today reading through some of the things he samples. I'm really digging all the information on honey I've seen so far.

Go check that awesome shizzle out, mang.



Mr VI said...

We should bounce ideas back and forth at some point over skype, soon.

Jack Faust said...

I like it so far!

And yes. Skype. Soon.

ginandjack said...

I'm loving your blog so much right now. Thanks for this!