Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Plants and Daimons

Last night, I sat down and ended up having another chat with a Something. Lacking a better word, we'll call it my Daimon. Or the Daimon that has, at the very least, agreed to harass me until I die and become something else's problem. Because otherwise... I'd just do whatever the fuck I felt like and that would be that.

In any event, it made it clear that:
- While I did not necessarily disrespect the grape vines in my house, or their ruling Daimon, I easily could have.
- That this problem could be easily overcome by ritualizing my procedure of procuring grape leaves, fruit, etc.

After the last part, I was like... “And how, precisely, do I do that?”

At which point a certain spell popped into my head, and I immediately got a brief set of images regarding the alterations. It was indicated that since I am not completely uprooting the plant, I should annoint the portions chosen with honey, sprinkling the areas being removed with natron, pouring the milk at the base of the plant, and then proceeding regularly with the fumigation near the plant.

I saw nothing indicating adding “into the place of its roots they threw seven seeds of wheat and an equal number of barley, after mixing them with honey,” because – I at least suspect – the plant itself hasn't been removed and the full tribute isn't necessary unless that has occurred. I've been doing some divination on it, and it seems to be pretty positive so far. That said, I would recommend doing divination before messing with what I got last night. Since I have a ton of time this summer to experiment with the spell, I will be doing precisely that.

The sense I got was that this would bolster the daimon presiding over the plant, and give due diligence and respect to the plant that was being turned into an offering.


Jason Miller, said...

What do you think of Charubel's work with plant Genii?

Jack Faust said...

Jason: I must admit, I have not read Grimoire Sympathia, which is what I think you're referring to? Do you recommend looking in to it?

Jason Miller, said...

I do indeed. Patricia Crowther turned me on to him a few years ago and I have used his symbols for contacting plant genii.

You will see where Schulke git some inspiration for Vidarium Umbris.

Ryan Valentine said...

The burning stuff in close proximity to the plant bothers me. Mileage may vary. Sources of high heat up close will stress the plant. Just a thought.

Jack Faust said...

Jason: I will totally get on that, then!

Valentine: I wouldn't get close enough to the plant to stress it or potentially light it on fire during the fumigation. You can stand back a bit and blow the fumes over the plant and the base of it, and keep the incense a bit back while doing so. Proximity is less important than the caress of the smoke, imo.

Ryan Valentine said...

@Jack, totally and I am hardly one to preach regarding burning plants. :P

We use cooling waters as well.