Friday, May 24, 2013

A Brief Question or Two. [EDITED]

Ancient coin depicting a bee from Ephesus. Stolen from here. Which I'll be reading regularly, I think.

As a kid, I remember any place with ample pollen being just... filled with bees, particularly honey-bees. Of late, even with a very large garden in my home (we got rid of our backyard, it is just a garden of edible or pretty plants, now), I only see a few bees every few weeks, and sometimes only a few in a couple of months. Honeybees are rare, but I do see more bumblebees. of late. [Note: the last clarifications added after some comments by Mr. Harold Roth.]

I've been reading a couple of interesting articles about the vanishing bees today, and thinking about it:
- The Industry's War on Nature: 'What Are the Bees telling us?'
- Illinois Illegally Seizes Bees Resistant to Monsanto's Roundup.

The first link has a mention of 'electromagnetic pollution'... Unfortunately, when I try and look up information on it, it's overwhelmed by a veritable slew of New Age websites... which I don't trust very much. I'm hoping that blog readers may know more about the subject and be able to clue me in to a good place to start looking into it?

The second link simply pisses me off.

Finally, Mr. Bradford suggested establishing local bee hives... Anyone know where I can start learning about bee-keeping? I think that idea is fabulous.



Brother Christopher said...

the only sources that I find for electromagnetic pollution is with new age websites, especially mentioned with people promoting orgonite as a means of protecting against EMF and ELF frequencies (which is electromagnetic frequencies and extremely low (em) frequencies). There was a link in the first article leading to a published paper that seems to have been supported by some research group, put together by various scientists and medical doctors. I'm not sure how legitimate the paper is though, as it's easy to fake just about anything and put it online these days.

Jack Faust said...

Bro. Chris: Yeah, that's exactly what I was seeing. I'll have to look over the link in the first article and think about it.

Ah, the Internet. How you've both helped and hindered things, ye Intertubes.

Mica said...

If you're willing to delve into the neurotic depths of Pinterest or Instructables, there's quite a few DIY projects to establishing your own hives and encouraging bees to set up shop and (hopefully) thrive.

However, many metropolitan areas in California have ordinances against "beekeeping". It's similar to those against keeping chickens in city limits. So you might want to check Sacto's laws and decide for yourself.

I have read that the cause for the disappearance of honeybees has to do with a pesticide in Monstano's genetically modified corn. Color me surprised....

Ryan Valentine said...

Favre and Cell Towers .. actual study.

Jack Faust said...

Ryan: Thanks for the link! I read it, and I'm thinking about it. I may comment later after I've thought and read more.

Jack Faust said...

Mica: I'll look into it! Good point, and thanks!