Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Season of the Goddamn Firestorm

If you don't keep up with Austin Coppock's blog, then you probably want to go and take a look at the series of conjunctions and the pile-up occurring in Aries at the moment.

Mars began his stay in Aries on March 11th, and it will continue until April 20th (two days after my birthday, incidentally). Venus enters Aries, following Sol's course, tomorrow on March 21st. I don't know about you, but Venus already feels pretty chatty to me. I woke up feeling the tide of movement. Meanwhile, Saturn - the great sphere of delineation and realistic limitation - remains retrograde until July 7th or 8th. This amounts of a fuck-off huge planetary firestorm, which can very easily spread.

The only question this season demands an answer to, at least as far as it seems to me, is what deserves getting burned down and what bridges deserve to be burned, and what does not?

Enjoy your Equinox. Heheh.

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