Tuesday, February 26, 2013


About eight days ago, Saturn went retrograde. (How was your day of Phasis?) A few days later, Mercury went retrograde.

If you're dealing with insecurities, etc, then this is the time to sort them. Not to post about your self-loathing, not to piss off people who think differently, and so on.

Pick up your copy of Graeco-Egyptian Magic or The Book of Abraxas, or Betz, run the Calling of the Sevenths, or astrally head to Mercury or Saturn and see what lessons you need to deal with... And then get on with your goddamn lives.

For the last two years, the Saturn and Mercury retrograde seasons have not only sucked but involved people who should know better (so-called "Adepts") starting flame-wars and shit. It's gotten old.

As for me: I'll be back to transcribing PBR's basic practices from Mageia Sexualis and maybe some Dioscorides this week.

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petoskystone said...

It is incredibly boring to keep reading about the travails of Mercury retrograde by people I would expect more of.