Wednesday, December 19, 2012

PGM V. 459-89

“I call upon you who created earth and bones and all flesh and all spirit and who established the sea and suspended the Heavens, who separated the light from the darkness, the Supreme Intelligence who lawfully administrates all things. Eternal Eye, Daimon of daimons, god of gods, the Lord of the spirits, the invariable AIŌN IAŌ OYĒI, hear my voice.

I call upon you, master of the gods, high-thundering Zeus, sovereign Zeus, ADŌNAI, lord IAŌ OYĒE; I am he who calls upon you, great god, in syrian: 'ZAA-LAĒRIPHENOU,' and you must not ignore my voice (in Hebrew: 'ABLANATHA-NALBA ABRASILŌA'); for I am SILTHACHŌOUCH LAILAM BLASALŌTH IAŌ IEŌ NEBOUTH SABIOTH ABRŌTH ARBATHIAŌ IAŌTH SABAŌTH PA/TOURĒ ZAGOURĒ BAROUCH ADŌNAI ELŌAI ABRAAM BARBARAUŌ NAUSIPH, high-minded one, immortal, who possess the crown of the whole world, SIEPE SAKTIETĒ BIOU BIOU SPHĒ SPHĒ NOUSI NOUSI SIETHO SIETHO CHTHETHŌNI RIGCH ŌĒA Ē ĒŌA AŌĒ IAŌ ASIAL SARAPI OLSŌ ETHMOURĒSINI SEM LAU LOU LOURIGCHI.”
- PGM V. 459-89
(“It loosens shackles, makes invisible, sends dreams; it is a spell for gaining favor.
Add the usual for what you want.”) 
[Betz, P. 109-110.]

suspect that the invisibility is more of an astral sort versus a literal sort.
- Jack

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Shibboletta said...

What does one do with "add the usual" when it's found in the PGM? Does it vary, or is there a consistent meaning. If the latter, what might it be? Thanks!