Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Stele of Jeu, or Rite of the Headless One

Preparation for the foregoing ritual: Write the formula (“AŌTH ABRAŌTH BASYM ISAK SABAŌTH IAŌ.”) on a new sheet of papyrus, and after extending it from one of your temples to the other, read the six names, while you face the North saying:
Subject to me all daimons, so that every daimon, whether heavenly or aerial or earthly or subterranean or terrestrial or aquatic, might be obedient to me and every enchantment and scourge which is from God.” And all Daimons will be obedient to you.

The beneficial sign is: “:>” [Note: The two points “:” are at the direct center of both lines of the “>”.]

I summon you, Headless One, who created earth and heaven, who created night and day, you who created the Light and the Darkness; you are Osonnophris whom none has ever seen; you are Iabas; you are Iapos; you have distinguished the just from the unjust; you have made female and male; you have revealed seed and fruits; you have made men love each other and hate each other.

I am Moses your prophet to whom you have transmitted your mysteries celebrated by Israel; you have revealed the moist and the dry and all nourishment; hear me.

I am the messenger of Pharoah Osoronnophris; this is your true name which has been transmitted to the prophets of Israel. Hear me, ARBATHIAŌ REIBET ATHELEBERSĒTH ARA BLATHA ALBEU EBENPHCHI CHITASGOĒ IBAŌTH IAŌ; listen to me and turn away this daimon.”

I call upon you, awesome and invisible god with an empty spirit, AROGOGOROBRAŌ SOCHOU MODORIŌ PHALARCHAŌ OOO. Holy Headless One, deliver him, NN, from the daimon that restrains him, ROUBRIAŌ MARI ŌDAM BAABNABAŌTH ASS ADŌNAI APHNIAŌ ITHŌLETH ABRASAX AĒŌŌY; mighty Headless One, deliver him, NN, from the daimon which restrains him. MABARRAIŌ IOĒL KOTHA ATHORĒBALŌ ABRAŌTH, deliver him, NN, AŌTH ABRAŌTH BASYM ISAK SABAŌTH IAŌ.

He is the Lord of the Gods; he is the Lord of the Inhabited World; he is the one whom the winds fear; he is the one who made all things by command of his voice.”

Lord, King, Master, Helper, save the soul, IEOU PYR IOU IAŌT IAĒŌ IOOU ABRASAX SABRIAM OO YY EY OO YY ADŌNAIE, immediately, immediately, good messenger of God ANLALA LAI GAIA APA DIACHANNA CHORYN.”

I am the Headless Daimon with sight in my feet; I am the mighty one who possesses the immortal fire; I am the truth who hates the fact that unjust deeds are done in the world; I am the one who makes the lightning flash and the thunder roll; I am the one whose sweat falls upon the earth as rain so that it can inseminate it; I am the one whose mouth burns completely; I am the one who begets and destroys; I am the Favor of the Aion; my name is a Heart Encircled by a Serpent; Come Forth and Follow.”
- Translator: D.E. Aune.

From Hans Dieter Betz's
The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation vol. 1. (P. 103)

In the event I got anything wrong – like missed a line or messed up transcribing the Voces Mageia, let me know and I'll be sure to fix it. R.O. And I recently agreed that it ought to be online. I may talk more about the ritual shortly... Or just keep my thoughts to myself. Y'know. 'Cuz I'm no badass author or anything.

The ritual also recently showed up in Mike C.'s
Book of Abraxas, which I'll be reviewing soon! Buy that shit while you can, man. Because it's fucking gorgeous!


rachelizabella said...

Thank you for this (tho' I own the PGM, this I can copy and paste). Also, I wait with bated breath your review of the Book of Abrasax.

Jack Faust said...

LOL. I have both a physical copy of Betz first volume, and a digital one. But C&P always fucks up when it comes to the VM, and I'm fanatical about those being right.

VI said...

Dieter. It's. spelt. Dieter.

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Jack Faust said...

Oh, yeah. If anyone missed VI's recent post on this subject, I totally recommend it. I'll probably link it again in the future.

MJ Roberts said...

Spooky Jack, I was only thinking about that special forum & said ritual the other day - hell I even wrote about it! Some days I really miss those days, and the times we had, though had the universe not intervened, we may have blown at least 3/4 of the universe up by now :p

Rufus Opus said...

What do you do with the beneficial sign, write it on the papyrus after the six names?

faoladh said...

Now, several years later, VI's post is gone with the site it was on. The exact entry wasn't archived by the Wayback Machine, but it was included (without the comments) at this link. Just a heads-up (see what I did there?)

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