Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blog Roundup [Edited]

I've added a slew of links to the blog list over the last year, particularly those being run by members of the Gentlemen for Jupiter. is run by Tata Nkisi Sima Ngango and Mr. Eric Colon (Tata Musitu). It's a treasure-trove of information on Palo Mayombe, and one of the more interesting recent arrivals to the blogger-sphere that I've come across. While some of the posts being written by second-language speakers can be hard to understand, the posts on the site are still far more informative than certain books that I have lambasted on this blog regarding the subject of Palo before.

Hermetic Lessons / Blogos by Mr. Logofernando is interesting, as it's run by one of the most hardline practitioners of QBL that I have ever come across. His views are both unique and interesting to me, and I generally take a very distant view of QBL. Additionally, some of the man's techniques are beyond interesting and well worth spreading across the community. I will be sure to reference any of those posts in the future when they appear.

Seething Among the Suits is the Scrib's new wordpress blog. I continue to like it, just as I enjoyed his previous blog.

A few weeks ago I first linked to Mr. Vitimus' blog. It really is quite good, even if we disagree on some issues (but not, I'm sure, a few others). His posts have a whole lot to offer the current crop of Chaos Magicians, and he's currently working with Arcanorium College. In the immortal words of Darth Vader: Impressive... Most. Impressive.

[EDIT]: Fr. Ashen's blog has insights on evocation, and involves a very traditional narrative on the subject. Anyone interested in the subject will probably glean quite a bit of information on the practice of evocation.

I consider all of these blogs worth reading, and may add a few more and a few more intros. in time.

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