Friday, October 26, 2012

Saturn + Scorpio

This has been an interesting week. On Wednesday, the Sun and Saturn got together in Scorpio. Then, about a day and a half ago, Mercury and the moon's north node (Caput Draconis) got together in Scorpio.

Now, my feeling has often been that when the nodes and Saturn get together in the same house, it's the (for lack of a better word) time of dragons. I don't mean the Eastern, could be good, could be bad dragons but the even more ambivalent and dangerous Western view of them.

So, today to do a bit of cleanup, I've been hopping some of the planetary spheres in meditation and then straight up killing myself (meditatively, at least) in those spheres. It seems to make the feeling much better, and wipe out, at least, my negative responses to the malefics.

But Saturn seems to like amplifying the other malefics in Scorpio, and it makes me interested. Does Saturn always do that?

I'm really not sure. But. Whatever.



Brother Christopher said...

No, Saturn doesn't always do that. IF Saturn has benevolent dignity it will actually only bring out Saturns positive qualities, and the stronger the dignity, the stronger the beneficial effect. Or at least, that is how I understand it from Agrippa, and

Jack Faust said...


Yes... That makes sense. Fascinating.

The Unlikely Mage said...

The North Node amplifies whatever is present, whether it is good or ill.

Jack Faust said...

TUM: Yeah, I realized earlier that I was off. The amplification vector seems to have been the N.N/C.D. acting on the house in a general way.

When the tag team comes back together around Mercury's retrograde cycle, I think things will be a bit wild. Maybe a mass migration from certain social networks? It seems likely given the last 48 hours.

Anyway: thank you for the input!