Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Excerpts from "Seership! The Magnetic Mirror!" (1874)

“For I have known a sweet miss only six years old, to thoroughly and effectively mesmerize her great burly uncle, – a man capable of knocking a bull down with one stroke of his ponderous fist, and who was one of the roughest sea-tyrants that ever trod a quarter deck, and yet the little lady rendered him not only helpless, but clairvoyant, by repeatedly manipulating his head while he held her on his lap in his daily calls. She had witnessed a few experiments, believed she could do the same, tried it on four times, and accomplished it in great lee on the fifth attempt. But the greatest miracle of all was, that the captain's nature became entirely changed, and to-day a better or gentler man does not sail out of New York harbor!”
P. 10-11

“Virtue is not a myth; Death is; but by clairvoyance the bars of Death are beaten down, and it opens the gates of Glory, to show all doubting souls the light and life beyond. And why die till one's work is done? Is yours? If not, this divine thing will enable you to more effectually accomplish it.

Possession ordereth use. True clairvoyants do not count themselves as altogether of this world, for they are in connection with, and do the work below of the ethereal peoples of the starry skies. By means of this royal road, the true seer or seeress is enabled to read the varied scrolls of human life...”
P. 23-24.

But what is true clairvoyance? I reply, it is the ability, by self-effort or otherwise, to drop beneath the floors of the outer world, and come up, as it were, upon the other side. We often see what we take to be sparks or flashes of light before us in the night; but they are not really what they seem, but are instantaneous penetrations of the veil that, pall-like, hangs between this outer world of the Dark and Cold, and the inner realm of Light and Fire, in the midst of which it is embosomed, or, as it were, enshrouded; and true clairvoyance is the lengthened uplifting of that heavy pall. It is not the insane raving of obsession, possession, of a puling sickly somnambule! ...”
P. 28

If we would be strong, clear-seeing, powerful, the rules thereof must be observed; and the adept and acolyte alike be ever conscious that no earthly fame gained, or place reached, or wealth accumulated, will, or probably can, avail them or any human being, when, passed over the river of death, we take our places in the ranks of the vast armies of the dead, as they file by the Halls of Destiny, past the gates of God. What, then, is clairvoyance? I reply: it is the LIGHT which the seer reaches sometimes through years of agony; by wading through oceans, as it were, of tears and blood; it is an interior unfoldment of native powers, culminating in somnambulic vision through the mesmeric processes, and the comprehension and application of the principles that underlie and overflow human nature and the physical universe, together with a knowledge of the principia of the vast spirit-sea whereon the worlds of space are cushioned. Thus true clairvoyance is generally the knowledge resulting from experiment, born of agony, and purified by the baptism of fire.”
P. 28

If one wants to be able to peruse the life-scroll of others, the first thing learned must be the steady fixing of mind and purpose, aim and intent upon a single point, wholly void of other thought or object. The second requirement is, Think the thing closely; and third, Will steadily, firmly, to know the correct solution of the problem in hand, and then the probabilities are a hundred to ten that the vision thereof, or the PHANTORAMA of it, will pass before you like a vivid dream; or it will flash across your mind with resistless conviction of truth.”
- Randolph, Seership! The Magnetic Mirror. P. 29

[I'll probably add a couple more pages of excerpts this week. To make up for slacking on the other post while I work my way through, you guessed it, more Mesmerism texts.


EDIT: I will also, I think, quote Emma Britten. For more excerpts regarding Mesmerism, see this entry.]


Brother Christopher said...

I have a copy of Magia Sexualis. It's really fascinating to see how so much of what he did really did travel the western world.

Jack Faust said...

Bro. Chris: I feel the same way! Initially I thought he was a lone wolf. Now I'm realizing he was just one of the last greats of a now mostly forgotten school of practice.

Anonymous said...

For those who are curious, or more than curious and what to look into more about this "mostly forgotten school". Can you give some names of other "Greats" that are relevant or any schools/circles/orders that to your mind would be the best place to start besides Randolph?

Jack Faust said...

Anon: That depends on what you mean by 'relevant'. Are you asking about Spiritualist circles, Mesmeric circles, hybrids of the two?

But while I'm asking questions, what's up with the phrasing of your questions? Do you not believe that occultism, spiritualism, and Mesmerism combined in different ways during the 19th century? Are you dubious that there was someone besides Randolph? Do you just want to annoy me and provoke a verbal response which might be uncouth? The nature of your questions seem to suggest one of those possibilities, but the vagueness of what you've asked leaves me unable to tell. Please feel free to clarify that. :)

Anonymous said...

I mean relevant with respect to "Mostly forgotten school of practice" (Whatever that may happen to mean to you). One person is hardly a school if someone was interested in forming a solid idea of this school more leads regarding people, and groups of people, other books and places would of course be helpful.

In addition, I actively perform The Work & any antagonism percieved in my message was nonexistant from my end. A plain reading of my message has nothing intrinsically malicious. It also isn't vague, I asked specifically for leads that to your mind would be the best place to start. Of those people, groups etc.

Jack Faust said...

Anon: My response got too lengthy and is up here. I hope it helps. My apologies for being unsure if you were trolling me, again. I honestly was unsure.