Thursday, October 11, 2012


A Brief Set of Comments

Yesterday, I was going to sit down and write a thumb's up for Bro. B. and his latest entry on “magical machines.” I wish he'd covered more of the history of them, but that's only a slight concern. About the time I'd decided I had nothing of value to say except “read Techgnosis by Erik Davis” everything went, strictly speaking, pear-shaped.

My father-in-law somehow managed to dehydrate himself and forget to eat, which caused him to pass out and hit his head. The resulting concussion and shock from the fall caused a rather great uproar, 911-call by his very brave daughter (who witnessed the whole thing and managed to keep it together until the EMTs arrived), and all that. About the time I heard my name being shouted, I was bolting up stairs to the sounds of prayers to Jesus and Mary in Spanish.

Still, everything got sorted and he was checked out. He's now resting and everything has settled down. Which compared to ten minutes of sheer chaos that seemed to last forever is very, very nice.

I will say: I'm convinced I was only able to help with what little I did (moving the fellow about as the emergency operator directed), because of all the years I've spent meditating. Over the last three years, retaining a large degree of peace of mind while things go haywire has been a real blessing.

I'm still working on not getting the adrenaline rush afterward, though. That shit is seriously annoying.

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