Monday, October 22, 2012


“Thee, mighty-ruling, Dæmon dread, I call, mild Jove [Zeus], life-giving, and the source of all: Great Jove [Zeus], much-wand'ring, terrible and strong, to whom revenge and tortures dire belong. Mankind from thee, in plenteous wealth abound, when in their dwellings joyful thou art found;  Or pass thro' life afflicted and distress'd, the needful means of bliss by thee supprest. 'Tis thine alone endu'd with boundless might, to keep the keys of sorrow and delight. O holy, blessed father, hear my pray'r, disperse the seeds of life-consuming care; With fav'ring mind the sacred rites attend, and grant my days a glorious, blessed end.”
 - Orphic Hymn #72, To The Daimon.
“Give me every grace, all accomplishment, for with thee is the bringer of good, the angel standing by the side for Tyche. Therefore give thou means and accomplishment to this house, thou who rulest over hope, wealth-giving Aion, holy good Daimon. Bring to accomplishment and incline to me all the graces and divine utterances.”
- PGM IV. 3125-71 (taken from Themis, p. 296; miscited as being attributed to Aeschylus.)
Alternative section from Betz's Greek Magical Papyri in Translation:
“Give me all favor, all success, for the angel bringing good, who stands beside [the goddess] Tyche, is with you. Accordingly, give profit [and] success to this house. Please, Aion, ruler of hope, giver of wealth, O holy Agathos Daimon, bring to fulfillmeant of all favors and / your divine oracles.”
(As above, except specifically lines: 3165-3170.)

EDIT: Note to self: rain during the hour of the Moon, final hours of day of the Sun.

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