Monday, October 22, 2012

A Cleansing Ritual

This is a ritual/cleansing spell I've seen my Mother-In-Law do a couple of times, but earlier tonight V.V.F. and I realized that it involves Aeneas being called on (under the more Italian name Enea; please correct me if that sounds wrong!) as well as Hekate and Diana.

Quoting my Mother-In-Law:
“1) Mix water and sea salt in a big bowl
2) Sage (mixed with lavender or eucalyptus is ok), or incense will work as well.

Begin with the sage outside around the house and inside the home, also the family there. The car too. Surround each family member from head to toes with the sage smoke, behind and front and around their bodies, every one including visitors, and sprinkle them with the water and sea salt mix, repeating the same procedure done with the sage. Remember to say the prayer or chant over and over for the family member when you are cleaning them as well. You must clean the whole family living in the house. That step is what makes this ritual so powerful. If you don't clean the people, it would be similar as if you brushed your teeth and forgot to brush your tongue Now begin the ritual outside the house, pay attention to dark and isolated corners. While you are doing this, remember that you must say this chant over and over as you go around the house:

1) With the Sage say: Con Aire y Fuego te conjuro, que en ti no quede nada oscuro, por Enea, por Hecacte y por Diana.
2) With the water and sea salt mix, say and sprinkle: Con Agua y Tierra te conjuro, que en ti no quede nada oscuro, por Enea, por Hecacte y por Diana.
This is a Spaniard Ritual I learned 25 years ago. This Witch wrote for a news magazine that had a section called Cartas a la Bruja (Letters to the Witch).

It never fails.”
I really, really like it.You've got all four elements in the incense (fire + air), and the water and sea salt (earth + water).

Very cool. I'm really glad she shared it with me and allowed me to put it up!



Rose Weaver said...

I also really like this cleansing ritual. I'm running into some problems doing some things outside due to the nature of where I live, but I do intend to accomplish this one. It suits me and the whole cultural feel of the area.

Thank you for sharing it, and thank V.V.F's mother for allowing you to do so.

Anonymous said...

The correct Spanish spelling of:
"por Enea, por Hecacte y por Diana."
"por Eneas, por Hécate y por Diana."

Anonymous said...

BTW I don't see the trio's relationship. I would choose the next trio:
"por Démeter, por Hécate y por Artemisa."
"by Demeter, by Hecate and by Artemis."

Jack Faust said...

Actually, I've removed both of my responses. I'll instead say this: look into Hero Cults and the relation between Heroes and Goddesses. Check out "Themis" if you know some Googlemancy. The relationship will become obvious.