Saturday, September 29, 2012

Re: Santeria

I said it on Facebook, but the conversation has passed 60 posts. So I'm going to post it here.

If you want to learn about Santeria, or a number of other things? Don't just buy a book and try to incorporate a form of spirituality you probably don't fully grokk yet. That requires patience if you don't want a kick in the ass from the universe, or spirits/gods/so forth that you've grossly offended on accident. Good lord. I feel like I'm quoting Moloch.

Hike, or drive, or bus down to your local Botanica. If you live in CA? There are many. If you live in the midwest or somewhere else without a community that fosters them? 'Eh. You're kinda out of luck. Anyway, you'll find tons of the shops with rows upon rows upon rows of the books, often very cheap ($5 - $10) on the Orishas, Santeria, etc.

Purchase those. If the shop is owned by a Santera or Santero? It has been my experience that they'll speak to you. This is especially true if you follow it up with a bunch of interesting ritual components. I have yet to run into a single shop where discussing what the person that owns it is practicing is seen as taboo.

In doing so you will:
1. Show support for your local community and their practitioners.
2. Take the first step in learning about something you may be completely oblivious about.
3. Have an adventure.

Even if #3 is all that comes of it? You're still coming out ahead. Because, and I've said this before, the best magick often comes from choosing, intentionally, to have an adventure.

I was going to leave out the part of speaking to local practitioners, initially, because I love when people discover that on their own. But it's unfair to leave it out!

Times are hard. Give love where love is due.

Jack Faust

EDIT: I do not practice Santeria. But I think it's pretty cool. Like, you know, most magical and spiritual systems I encounter. 'Eh... Is system the wrong word? WAIT. TRADITION. That is the word I was looking for.

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