Friday, September 28, 2012

Polishing the Brass on the Titanic*

The student that the blogger describes chooses to be in school. He chooses to have a part-time, minimum wage job and go to school. That means he chooses to be short on money.
HAHAHAHA. AHAHAHAHAHA. You really had me until you said that. I was actually nodding and thinking. Hell, I almost felt bad. But now?

My rage is such that no, I won't be responding. Thankfully, Mike C. has.

Go polish the brass on the Titanic and be done with it. I pity the authors you'll probably drag down with you as the silliness escalates. Feel free to brush off my annoyance with your company, which has a policy not to fact check so that they can blame everything on their respective authors. I mean, that's what you tell people at P-con, right?

As for Wippler?

Here's one Palo community, rabidly pissed at her. Her expertise may well be in Santeria, but she has this amazing ability to alienate other parts of the ATR community. I look forward to the forth-coming Llewellyn ATR oriented books. I'm sure they'll have experts from all around to discuss other traditions and call them evil.

Get off my blog, Old Man. You have truly, 100% pissed me off. And after that post? I'm now going to stand by my stance to ignore everything you have to say.

I'm done.

Mr. Vitimus? You're cool. I remain convinced that the company you work for is very not.


*EDIT: PS. I do not think that Piracy is always good, however, the intent of my post was not to say that I'm a pirate. It was to discuss issues I had in the past which pirates I know today continue to discuss with me. If you made that flaw in reading the last post? You misunderstood my comments. 90-100% of the time, I'm not the one pirating your shit. The last book I went out of my way to look for on the internet was one which I purchased, which did not arrive. It was the usual shenanigans. I asked why they charged me if the book was not coming. They insisted they hadn't. My $50 was gone. I found an ebook. That was not piracy. That was letting the company keep my cash, and getting my book. End of story. It's rare for me not to shell out $5 - $15/$20 for an ebook. It's an ebook for Christ's sake. I'm happy to give a company money for their time and effort, if that book doesn't suck. If it does? I don't buy it.

I know I'm not alone in this.

I also happen know people who do perform piracy. I ask them why they do it, what they actually purchase, etc. I want to know. This interests me. For many reasons. Like, you know, how to avoid getting Pirated and whatnot.

I'm not going to bother discussing the subject with an upper middle class writer that blames poor people struggling to get a leg up, who go out of their way to buy his books, for their poverty. He's unwelcome on this blog, and to quote me again. You can quote me on that.

Get off my blog. Don't come back.


Robert said...

The pejorative was unnecessary and disrespectful. Speak not in anger. Speak not in malice. Speak not invert the attack of another.

Eschew them all and see the perfection.

Ya, I know, you taught me that about 15 seconds ago but the me of 25 seconds ago is not the me of now.

Samm said...

The pejorative is completely necessary, no good was ever done by telling an ass they're a good person who makes cherished contributions.

Robert said...


If you know how often I have espoused your viewpoint to Jack and have him toss away is dismissal, you'd be amused by your comment. :O)