Thursday, April 19, 2012

The third herb is cannabis...

“The third herbe is Canabus [cannabis] & it is long in shafte & clothes be made of it. The vertue of the Juse [juice] of it is to anoynt thee with it & with the iuce of arthemesy & ordyne thee before a mirrour of stele [steel] & clepe thou spiritts & thou shallt see them & thou shalt haue might of binding & of loosing deuills & other things.”

I've been quietly passing this around to a few friends ever since it was brought to my awareness by someone awesome. The sheer amount of psychoactive plants in the artemisia family is also tantalizing... I seem to recall some comments from R.O. regarding a well known Grimoire Magician and his use of pot... Some day I may talk about why I use it. Heh. But, I'm still leery given some of the hilarity that tends to ensue with the subject. I always love when people ask me, so, what's your medical reason? It's called migraines, ass. I began having them at 18 months old, and at their worst I was getting three a week. You try working with three migraines a week. Seriously. Let me know how that goes. And over the years, I've been given muscle relaxers, and all manner of other bullshit. Not a single fucking drug currently on the market works as well to stop a developing migraine as a hit of hashish, in my experience. How sad is that? Actually. I guess I just did explain it all. Heh.

Happy 4/20 (well, tomorrow, anyway), to you heinous stoners out there. 

Heh. In other news, I came down with flu-symptoms around 9 PM last night (go-go birthday flu!), and so I'm taking it as yet another joke from Saturnus. Sometimes, you just gotta roll with the punches and laugh as your plans for fun come to an end.


Matt said...

Mr. Faust,

Ever used Her for ritual narcosis to aid dream workings? Can work wonders with with the aid of a friend, or say, an alarm clock... if you can remember! Haha. In another sense, there's the Solar/Venusian aspect as well, which can be utilized in Dionysian and Ophidian invocations. This is probably "preaching to the choir", though, as Christians would say.

Who was this "well known Grimoire Magician", if you don't mind?

Apologies for being a bit late in commenting since the time of the posting. Saturn. Oh, well.

Formerly lurking,


Matt said...

Much appreciated!