Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Sky Above You

These are the present astrological conditions as of April 3rd, 2012.

Mercury has finally stationed (or will later tonight); Mars is still retrograde until April 13th (five days before my twenty-eighth birthday), Saturn is still Retrograde.

As of today, something even more interesting has occurred. To quote Austin:
Almost immediately upon entering Gemini, Venus enters a strange Grand Cross involving Mars, Neptune and the Nodes, which complicates both this week and the next.  Though not terribly destructive, this configuration  highlights romantic relationships and potential confusion surrounding different types of love, changing relationship dynamics and what direction to take things.
 This will keep up until April 10th, as I understand it.

Between April 13th and the end of the month, we'll get some breathing room. I advise you not to punch anyone until after to the Mars retrograde ends. You may end up with a pesky, quarrel-some legal bill... Or another flame war.

Ps. Austin also has a 2012 Almanac that I recommend to everyone. Along with an Astrological hour calculator for your android and rituals, it may very well save a few folks some headaches in the year of Weird Shit.

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