Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Hand of Sabazios

Hekas Hekas!
Hekas Hekas!
Hekas Hekas, Este Babeloi!

Hear me, illustrious father, dæmon fam'd.
Great Saturn's [Kronos'] offspring, and Sabasius [Zabazios] nam'd;
Inserting Bacchus, bearer of the vine, and founding God, within thy thigh divine,
That when mature, the Dionysian God might burst the bands of his conceal'd abode,
And come to sacred Tmolus, his delight, where Ippa dwells, all beautiful and bright.
Come blessed Phrygian God, the king of all, and aid thy mystics, when on thee they call.
- Orphic Hymn to Sabazios

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Brother Christopher said...

love that image! and the orphic hymns