Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lux e Tenebris: Redux

(My People and I determined recently to abandon Crazy Town in search of the Promised Land.
Go forth, tribes of madmen by the lunar light!)
I find myself wondering about the need to simultaneously perceived as a rebel and hardcore, dawg, and also be the Epitome of Light in the Universe.

So you're a hoary monstrosity that comes out to run with the Wild Things by the Light of the Moon. Who cares? History has always known our kind. But why on earth must you insist on the Neo-Platonic Good? What good, seriously speaking, has that aspect of Neo-Platonism ever done for us besides get fingers burned? Since when did pretending everything was beautiful and moral get us anywhere, except into a puddle of more deception?

But I'm a good witch!

Look, Glenda. I'm not saying you have to be bad. But what you are is sitting dead center at the moral scale. You're playing both sides. Giving with both hands. Don't build yourself up into the most potent Light-Worker that ever lived. By all means: steal whatever works. But let's not make pretenses. Because when we do, we end up with weird discussions like the cagey morals of working with the dead and dead things, and someone just has to come along and beg the question of whether you have higher stands or different standards?

When I asked for visions of my ancestors and dreams of them, I saw a generation of horse thieves that abandoned proper society and went off to be wild men. I don't have to agree with everything they did, but I know where my roots are. And I'm not going to pretend that there weren't assholes in the bunch. But filial piety, at least according to this crafty Samurai that's long past and whom I admire, is about embodying the good in your relatives.

Not making shit up about Crystal Healers. Not pretending you come from a long stock of ancient magicians. Actually seeing how what came before influences what you are now, and how you choose to live now.

It also means not claiming boisterous, wondrous titles that make it sounds like we're all good folk here (with a hilariously common American religious meaning hiding behind it).

Now, if you are as white-light as it gets? Feel free to grokk the sing-song titles and get all up in those fertility spells. But if you're sitting at the center? Drop the moralizing. You make us all look bad. And if you're way off to the other side? Compassion is a blessing, friend. And so is love.

There's no such thing as a higher standard. There's just a different standard, and each individual much choose for themselves. We cannot impress our choices on them, we can only hope they choose for the better.

(Go forth, tribes of madman and madwomen! Crazy Town has been taken over by Ceremonialists. We need to find a new homeland. Apart from the Black Brother finger-pointing, and where we can peaceably rediscover our roots.

Before it's too goddamn late.)

Nothing is ever lost. It just changes shape, context, the idea mutates. Where did your beliefs and attitudes originate, and what does that tell you about yourself? Do you know, or are you just playing silly games for the sake of the thoughts of those who don't have to actually live your life?

Edit: Don't mind me. Just being an ass. Maybe someone will enjoy it regardless.


Scylla said...

I've never understand someone who will espouse "A witch has to know how to curse to know how to heal." and then curls into the fetal position saying "BUTOMGI'DNEVERHURTAFLY!"


My sole morality as a witch comes down to "If I'm willing to take a magical action, I must be willing to take the same physical action, or have already done so" That doesn't mean I don't curse, that just means I don't curse unless I'd also bust a few of their teeth out.

If you have to constantly stop and say "Butbutbut... we don't kill babies or do DARK stuff!" - who are you trying to convince?

Rufus Opus said...

"I find myself wondering about the need to simultaneously perceived as a rebel and hardcore, dawg, and also be the Epitome of Light in the Universe."

For some of us, it's not a need to be perceived as anything, it's just who we are.

As for the Neo-Platonic Good... I don't think it means what people think it means. Good is as good does, and sometimes that means hopping a handy horse and heading for the hell to visit the rest of the family.

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Monsignor Scott Rassbach said...

I'm a gnostic priest who's lineage descends from the Templars.

There's some mixed messages there. Compassion and ass-kicking all in one. Compassionate ass kicking.

Are we good? Yes. Are we Good? Probably not. Capital G Good is hard to come by in this messy material world.

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Jhonn Barghest said...

How did you go about asking for these visions and dreams about your ancestors? Because as it stands right now, I've got some lost family history to find (or try to piece together to some degree).