Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The "What If" Factor.

Imagine for a moment that the occult luminaries now long-past had access to the internet, to occult forums, and Yahoo! Groups.

Imagine that Yeats, Crowley, Waite, the Marvelous Mathers, Fortune, and Blavatsky had the following:
- Twitter feeds.
- Blogs.
- Social networks (G+, Facebook).

This is in addition to their periodicals, Orders, lectures, and students. This is moment-by-moment connectivity.

Now, remembering that Mercury is Retrograde (stations next tuesday, see Austin's blog - I'm writing this on my phone), and keeping in mind troll pieces like Crowley's "Dead Weight," ask yourself... What would the flame wars look like?

Would they look... Exactly like they do now?


Rufus Opus said...

lol, yeah, totally. I was thinking that the other day.

I wonder how far Crowley would have gone with the occult if he had internet. He would have had ready access to post-fundamentalist Christian support groups, and might have therapied out the entire need for Thelema. Then he could have just been happy climbing mountains.

Anonymous said...

I don't think so.

They'd be far more original, creative, and written with far better grammar and word selection. They'd be clever rather than mundane and including concise cynicism as well as achingly-long, overly boring, redundant posts.

Anonymous said...

You're right, RO, except that I'd add that if Crowley were alive today he could move to some big city and be happy being a regular gay guy instead of a closeted head case. He wouldn't see the need to bring down society just so that he could sleep with whomever he wanted.

Heck, I'd warrant that if society was generally supportive of people's individual proclivities and expression, you'd eliminate about 95% of Thelemites and Satanists right there.

Anonymous said...

RO, are you suggesting that if we could cut all these angry occultists off from the internet, they'd be forced to channel their energy into actually researching and improving magic?

Satyr Magos said...

I've thought about this from time to time. It gets funnier every round.

I think I'm going to print this post off and use it as a conversation starter the next time I'm drinking with a room full of occultists. :D

Scylla said...

He would've been nicknamed "Aleister Trolly".

'Course, we HAVE our Crowleys, Chumbleys, Gardner's, Valientes, Blavatskys - but they are buried under the weight of micromanaging personalities who have assembled not-so-much a true contribution to the craft, as it's equivalent to Rachel Ray.

You can find nothing truly offensive, and maybe a few interesting ideas... but the popularity of the squeeky, bubbly, ,well-constructed, brand-concious, image drowns out the Alton Browns who aren't teaching you a recipe, but rather how to write your own.

Robert said...

I once asked Lon DuQuette about some people from his history that didn't have such a great view of each other. He said, "Oh, they just did the work together and know each other too well." This is true of people in magickal groups and the internet as well. No one can hid their 'moments' anymore. People see the stuff they don't like, remember it, and forget the stuff they like. This makes way too many flame wars out of out a single incident or period. In short, everyone knows each other too well. :)