Friday, March 23, 2012

A few, brief, comments on Wicca.

I've been asked why I seem to avoid the subject of Wicca in this blog quite often, so I just wanted to clarify a couple things.

Most importantly, I have absolutely no issues with Wicca in general. I enjoy hanging out with some of the Eclectic Wiccans I've met, and I consider a few of them to be inspiring. I like most of the B.T.W. folks I've met, too. I may not always agree with either party, but neither makes me tremble with dread or annoys me very much. However, discussions on the subject are complicated by a few factors such as:
1. General assertions that may be true of one group, may not be true of another.
2. It is easy to mislead or confuse individuals, such as by addressing a general concern of one type of group and assuming it exists for others.
3. A good deal of people identify as Wiccan and have very specific ideas about what that means, and become deeply upset if someone begs to differ in opinion. I have seen more than a few intelligent discussions degrade into insults due to such differences.
4. I do not want some of my ideas to be misconstrued as being part and parcel of a subject that they may not belong to, nor place anyone in the rather dubious position of trying to defend some of my asshole moments by representing something I say as Wiccan when it very well not be the basis for such thoughts.
5. Tons of "Traditional Witches" have never actually been exposed to British Traditional Wicca and feel the need differentiate themselves from it due to that lack of exposure. Some of those folk have extreme degrees of confusion that arises when they can't tell the difference between where certain thoughts stem from, and the defensiveness gets in the way of meaningful and intelligent discourse.
6. The general occult population is not much better. I've had more than a few headache inspiring discussions about Wicca with Thelemites over the years. (Actually, this only really happened with some of the Thelemites from L.A. I've come across on the 'net. So maybe it's an L.A.-Thelemite issue.) This was rather funny, as I was expected to discuss Crowley's thoughts accurately, but such courtesy was rarely extended to Valiente or Gardner. Talk about a bummer.
7. Chaos Magicians are hilarious about everything. Trust me on this. We hate everything, and I'm still working through my walled-off-in-ignorance phase, if you can't tell. For many years I also dismissed Eclectic and B.T.W. as worthless due to the bad discussions. It was only when I realized how little I knew that I decided to S.T.F.U. If I'm afraid I will misrepresent something, I'll just stay silent. It works better.
7. There are other types of even less well known types of witchery out there, and I think they rock, too. At least what I know of them.

So there you have it.

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