Wednesday, March 7, 2012

And Now I Must Pause.

There are obligations to be filled, and while I've worked on them off and on recently, I have been more taken in with conveying the information in the Dead Man's Hand series of pieces. Obviously, part of it deals with “magical potions.”

I need to pause and write about another type of magical potions (or just concoctions in many cases) – Fluid Condensers – for the upcoming Gentlemen for Jupiter anthology. You can expect to see something similar to the Dead Man's Hand pieces, except strictly concerning Fluid Condensers, their history/origin, sample recipes that I came up with for specific planetary work (as, you can easily get the original recipes from Bardon or Randolph), and if there's space I'll even detail my experiences with them (such as spontaneously possessing the materia of one), and using them to increase the efficiency of Incubatio for communication with different spirits.

But, and I say this seriously, I have something like 59 pages of notes, suggestions for myself or others, comments and experiences, and then straight history. It's a lot of material. In the event my essay for the Gents gets too lengthy, I'll give the addition bits in this blog for free. Because I'm a nice guy like that.

Oh, yeah. And almost none of it will be diabolic or involve necromancy! ... Except for my dedication of those materials to the spirit of Paschal Beverly Randolph, of course. That guy needs so much more love.

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