Thursday, February 2, 2012

Two Things

1. In response to my post on the Orphic hymns and prayers, Anon wrote:

“Pretty sure "Argus" in the Hermes hymn refers to the thousand-eyed giant Hera set to guard Io to keep Zeus from boning her. Hermes was sent to free her, and he told Argus an insanely lame story and literally bored him to death. It's another reference to Hermes' skill with words--he could straight up kill you just by talking to you.”
 Anon, I think you're right. Thanks for the correction!

2. In my post on the Stele of Jeu, I mentioned the Sternophthalmoi, simply because they're “headless”. I did not mean to mention them in complete seriousness, and if this factor eluded others then I apologize. The Stele clearly states that the Headless Daimon has “sight in his feet”. The Blemmyes have sight in their chest. Therefore, there is no real way that they could be related. However, it provided an easy jump to the subject of Akephalos, and provided for me an excuse to use an image from a medieval bestiary. In the event I threw you for a loop, sorry. You may hate on me as necessary for being shady, as necessary.


Rufus Opus said...

Thanks for clarifying, it explains why, when Headless came up on Solomonic, and I tried to figure out if they were related assuming they were because of you, I got absolomente nowhere. I figured my powers of googlemancy had faded from lack of use.

And Lydia's useless for getting any research done.

Jack Faust said...

They are only related by the term "Akephalos." I was reading up on Osiris Osoronnophris for obvious reasons, and for some reason the connection of the word headless to the Blemmyes came into my mind. I found the image of Cosmic Blemmyes to be too funny to resist mentioning. I honestly hoped anyone that thought about it for a bit would realize it was a joke, and just a means to get to the important crap that I was actually interested in. In retrospect, I should have just focused on Akephalos and Osoronnophris.

Sorry, man.

Jack Faust said...

That said, I still think whatever social factors lead to one of the Kush cultures being labeled 'headless' may bear tangential relation to what magicians may have also thought of it.

Rufus Opus said...

No worries man, I spent 5 whole minutes on it before getting distracted.