Tuesday, February 21, 2012

P-Con & Arising Issues

At the same time that Z. Budapest was running her ritual (and the subsequent protest was happening), the CAYA Grove of Artemis and Living Temple of Diana were running "The Rite of the Bear Mother":

" All are welcome to this unprecedented pan-Dianic rite celebrating the spirit of the Bear: fierce, protective, nurturing, and wise. Ritual leaders Yeshe Rabbit, High Priestess of the Amazon Priestess Tribe, and Devin Hunter, Head Priest of the Living Temple of Diana, have collaborated in a ritual especially designed to create loving community and balance for all of those who revere Goddess as whole and complete unto herself. Members of both groups will co-facilitate this singing, dancing, shamanic ritual with focus on healing the wounds we all carry, women and men alike, as the result of patriarchy and unhealthy gender dynamics."

Rather than gripe about the bad - which I did not see, as I did not attend P-con this year - I would prefer to applaud those two groups.

I call that good work. I can only hope that such examples continue in the years to come.


P.s. I will add links when I'm not updating via my phone.

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