Wednesday, December 14, 2011

EVP, Paranormal Practice

Via the folks at Paranormal Practice.

I'm related to one of the folks involved with this project, and they're (the individual, that is) always asking me about haunted houses and where to find them. So, in the event that there's a place you think just plain needs some EVP recorded within, drop them a line!

All that said: man, why the hell am I not trying to spend all night in haunted locations and do EVP recordings?! Although, truthfully, I'd rather try using things like U.D.'s Gaze Techniques found in the first volume of High Magick: Theory and Practice (or Jason's version of very similar techniques) at such a place.

This makes me seriously ponder if I could ever, in any sort of good faith, claim to be a psychic and join such an excursion. I really don't think I'm psychic enough, when you get right down to it.


Lonnie said...

How about trying an EVP after summoning something or things to arrive? Or hold one outside an active circle, if you use circles. Or any other situation that comes to mind. Just a thought for those of you with the gear.

Scylla said...

Hook a "decent" gamer mic to a computer, and record. BAMF. Hell, TAPS apparently used to use Audacity to clean up their EVP recordings.

As I said elsewhere: This is one area I have trouble with. I think the actuality of hearing my Familiars through a speaker, rather than through electrical signals bouncing around in my head for no reason, would wig the everloving fuck out of me. And I shudder to think of what I'd get - probably "I WATCH WHEN YOU POO! AHAHAHA!"

The thing with being "psychic" is that the more you use it, the better it gets. So if you're "not psychic enough" right now - spend a couple of solid weeks really following up on your impressions. It starts to get weird.

My big area is in dreaming, and tarot. If I zonk out, gods know where I'll end up, and with whom. Sometimes people have seen me places I've never been, and fully believe it is my Fetch walking around in the flesh. The more I pursue it? The worse it gets. So I actively blocked out my dreams for a while.

M.C. said...

Interesting you mention EVP... I've been dicking around with a couple of EVP and EMF apps while doing simple work like offering and Orphic Hymns and while it pains me to say, they needles do jump, for lack of a better term.

Ananael Qaa said...

I've gotten some interesting results using an EMF detector during evocations. Some of those can be found here. Also, during my last evocation of Hagonel he was able to raise the needle on command. Pretty cool, that.

I haven't played around much with EVP yet, though given the EMF effects I can see where it could be a useful tool for magicians. The one issue I can see is that unlike with EMF, you don't get immediate feedback but rather have to review and likely clean up the recording later.