Friday, November 4, 2011

Soul Retrieval in Kabbalah

To my delight, Mr. Harold Roth has put up a post on nefilat appayim, which could be used as a form of Kabbalistic “Soul Retrieval.” The post itself is knocking some things around in my head, but I will spare Mr. Roth a post in which I would certainly inundate him with things I've learned about Graeco-Roman Necromancy, Orphica, Goetes, and Hero Cults.

Nonetheless: the linked post is seriously worth reading.


Strama_Kad said...

Followed the link. That's intense stuff. Makes me want to watch The Fourth Kind.

Harold Roth said...

Jack, I would be happy to read what you have culled from your sources in Greco-Roman magic and so forth re soul retrieval.