Sunday, November 20, 2011

“I've read this myth before.”

Medusa: Royal Palace of Turin

I've always felt bad for Medusa, honestly. That's one of those myths that just sucks, all over.


Scylla said...

The Phorcydes got fucked, to the last of 'em.

Rufus Opus said...


Clicking around Medusa on wiki led to the flag of Sicily, with its Medusa and the three legs of the trinacria/triskelion, and this description of Hephaestus's self-propelled three-legged tables it's said to represent:

The three legs of the triskelion are also reminiscent of Hephaestus's three-legged tables that ran by themselves, as mentioned in Iliad xviii:

At the moment Hephaestus was busily
Turning from bellows to bellows, sweating with toil
As he laboured to finish a score of three-legged tables
To stand around the sides of his firm-founded hall. On each
Of the legs he had put a gold wheel, that those magic tables
Might cause all to marvel by going with no other help
To the gathering of gods and by likewise returning to his house.

Hephaestus had robots!?!?!?


petoskystone said...

I prefer the pre-Greek version, myself.

Nightjohn88 said...

I've always felt pretty bad for Medusa myself. It's a myth that has never made sense to me. It just doesn't fit with how I see the gods at all. I mean, I know bad things sometimes happen to good people (often, actually), but for an intelligent being to punish someone for something that wasn't their fault at all just doesn't make sense!