Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

I am thankful to have known (before they passed):
Victoria P. - Who I will always love, at least in memory.
Casey T. - who was the best damn drum player I've ever met, and should have been a rockstar.
Vivian R. - who convinced me, at 16 or 17, that I had the talent for magick and sorcery. And convinced me, long after she was gone (via memory, at least), to pick up the Magic Mirror/Black Mirror and peer into its depths.
Helena Z. - Who I do not have appropriate words to describe.
Chris G. - Who told me, not long before he passed, that he claimed as a child that he would travel to California and become a witch. I will see you again in Time, Brother.
Tom V. - The best damned Uncle a guy could have asked for.
Mauricio M. - The kindest damned Uncle a guy could have asked for.

And this is to say nothing of my family and friends, who are still alive and don't necessarily need a dedicated entry. And of course, I'm most thankful to have met and fallen in love with VVF, who I have had the luck to live with in the days since our meeting.

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V.V.F. said...

You're just too sweet, foxy. <3