Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Revising Errors

I must admit, however, that aside from his attempt to link Apollo (who he claims has an occulted underworld aspect – something I'm unaware of) with the post-Christian name of Azael, I enjoyed his discourse on the names of the Gods and Goddesses that appear in witchery and their links to the underworld. Indeed: my only beef is with Apollo in that context. The closest I'm aware of in that context is the possible cultus of Apollon Lykeios and its links to a chthonic, wolf-form...”
I have since been made aware that I was truly ignorant. While reading Daniel Ogden's Greek and Roman Necromancy I came across references that he made to a form of Cthonic Apollo. He noted that these characteristics were subsumed into Hermes Kthonios and his functions. Or maybe it was Zeus-Kthonios/Hades. Ugh. Unfortunately, I was not paying attention like I ought to have been (I was on the train, headed to my former hometown at the time) and did not make a note and citation in my notebook, as I often do. So I'll have to hunt through the first hundred pages of the book to find the direct reference later. I felt compelled to state this, however, as I was completely incorrect. I'll find the citation later this week and add it to this entry, or one of it's own.

EDIT: I have also reconsidered my stance on VM, and his work. It isn't necessary, but it can be helpful for beginners.

At some point, I'd also like to learn the source of his Red Meal.

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