Wednesday, August 17, 2011

For Norman Rift

There I was, reading that later tonight BBC4 was going to air a documentary on the Pendle Witches, recently brought up on this blog. And I thought, I'd really like to watch that.

Thanks to Archive.Org, why not watch it a bit early? Heheh.

EDIT: This is totally not that documentary. It just looks as if it could be, if the documentary airing tonight was beaten with a baseball bat and then forced through sound-glitch Hell. If you were duped, I am sorry.


Jack Faust said...

That was just odd.

Uh, to my knowledge - which on this subject is limited - torture was not used in this trial to elicit confessions. Social stresses existed, certainly. But I thought the trial was seen as an aberration due to the lack of torture.

One of the commentators seems to imply that it was used, and the idea that spirits were real or thought of as real at that time was not addressed, either.

Overall: interesting pictures. Decent narration. Low on facts, high on fat.

Mr VI said...

Dude. Not the same thing as the Doc tonight. Really not.

Jack Faust said...

@VI: Lol. Well, I deserve that experience then, for believing Piracy could ever have been helpful (heh).

Let me know if that documentary airing tonight is worth tracking down.

Scylla said...

You're spot on about the lack of torture. It was seen as strange in the extreme. They simply offered, rather innocently, that they were working with spirits to kill their neighbors.

Rose Weaver said...

I really, really want to see the documentary shown on the BBC. Have you heard anything more about it? Like, is it, or will it, be uploaded to youtube or any other streaming video site, perhaps?