Friday, August 12, 2011

Before I House-Sit

Original link.

Is Mercury still flamingly Retrograde? Yes. Is that argument you want to pick ill-advised? Probably.

I've been going back to this chart all week to keep from raving here and there. I think I'll keep it up.


Frater.Barrabbas said...

Awww - go ahead dick, the further you're in, the better it feels!

Nice poster, though. ;-)

Jack Faust said...

Old man! You dare?!!!112

Lmao. Nah. I have been enough of a douchebags recently. I will maybe have some comments to toss your way when I can figure out how to word them in a manner that does not come across as:
1. Stark, raving mad
2. Overly general.
3. Insulting or condescending.

Will I ever manage to avoid all of the above, as an Aries? We shall find out.

The Wandering Phoenix said...

I've been guilty of being an internet dick to prove a point in an argument.