Thursday, July 7, 2011

PGM V.459-89

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It is just past the (pacific) morning hour of Mercury. I used said time to plot out today's Jupiterian activities (as best I could, anyhow) and as they began falling into place I felt as if something was missing. So I broke out Betz' The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation, and decided to let Bibliomancy fill me in.

I was... surprised to come across the following ritual. It's PGM V.459-89, and is a general invocation to Zeus/Jupiter. The Jupiterian circle folks may recall that after priming my first Fluid Condenser (Sol + Jupiter), I complained that it seemed to have shattered my invisibility glamors. It was upon consulting Bardon's Initation into Hermetics that I noticed a quaint passage where he noted that over-steeping oneself in solar energy may be detrimental to the process of astral invisibility.

The following PGM lists the reasons for using it as: “It loosens shackles,makes invisible, and sends dreams; it is a spell for gaining favor. (Add the usual for what you want.)”

The spell follows:
I call upon you who created / earth and bones and all flesh and all spirit and who established the sea and suspended the heavens, who separated the light from the darkness, the Supreme Intelligence / who lawfully administrates all things. Eternal Eye, Daimon of daimons, god of gods, the lord of the spirits, the invariable AIŌN IAŌ OYĒI, hear my voice.
I call upon you, master of the gods, high thundering Zeus, sovereign Zeus, ADŌNAI, lord IAŌ OYĒE; I am he who calls upon you, great god, in Syrian: 'ZAA-LAĒRIPHPHOU,' and you must not ignore my voice (in Hebrew: 'ABLANATHA-NALBA ABRASILŌA'); for I am SILTHACHŌOUCH LAILAM BLASALŌTH IAŌ IEŌ NEBOUTH SABIOTH ABRŌTH ARBATHIAŌ IAŌTH SABŌATH PA/TOURĒ ZAGOURĒ BAROUCH ADŌNAI ELŌAI ABRAAM BARBARAUŌ NAUSIPH, high minded one, immortal, who possess the crown of the whole world, SIEPĒ SAKTIETĒ BIOU BIOU SPHĒ SPHĒ NOUSI NOUSI / SIETHO SIETHO CHTHETHONI RIGCH ŌĒA Ē ĒŌA AŌĒ IAŌ ASIAL SARAPI OLSŌ ETHMOURĒSINI SEM LAU LOURIGCH.
Tr.: D.E. Aune.

Couple it with the right symbols, gestures, Orphic Hymn, and timing and there's something quite useful in the mix for more than a few people, I think. Enjoy, Gentlemen.


PhoenixAngel said...

yet, another reason why you are cool. thanks frater jack :)

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