Friday, July 22, 2011

Dead Gods, Dark Gods, Deep Fried Gods*

There is something I feel like saying:

First, it doesn't matter who you are - the Titans probably hate you, even if it doesn't look that way at first. Their rage toward mankind existing and their displacement is hardly at an end. This does not include Prometheus or Hecate, but it does plenty of others who I won't bother to mention.

The forces the Titans embody are indeed hardcore, and they and what few shit forces in the universe still serve them will gleefully tear your life apart. For fun, sometimes.

Nothing I used to do really helped me. It just made shit worse, and worse, and worse. And I kept insisting that was not the case.

In Orphism, there's an interesting story that I will quote:
"This divine son was Dionysus Zagreus, or "the hunter." He was the favorite of his father, and Zeus destined him to become the ruler of the universe. Even while he was a child, the father of gods and men entrusted him with thunderbolts and allowed him to sit on his throne. But the malignant Titans, stung by jealousy and urged on by the vengeful Hera, sought the young child's life. Though he was carefully guarded by the warlike Curetes, the Titans succeeded in luring him away with childish toys, which were carefully enumerated in a quotation from "Orpheus of Thrace, the poet of the initiation."
Having gained possession of the divine child, the Titans savagely tore him to pieces, and cooked and ate the pieces. Athena, however, preserved the heart of Zagreus and carried it away to Zeus who, in his anger, blasted the savage Titans with his thunderbolts. Clement omitted one item of the myth which formed an interesting connection with the Theban legend of Dionysus. Zeus, having received the heart of Zagreus from Athena, swallowed it. So when Semele bore Dionysus to Zeus the new god was but Zagreus reborn. The Cretan provenance of the Zagreus legend was expressly stated by Diodorus. In his account of the various forms assumed by Dionysus, he said: "They allege that the god (Zagreus) was born of Zeus and Persephone in Crete, and Orpheus in the mysteries represents him as torn to pieces by the Titans."

The relationship of this legend to the Cretan rite of eating raw flesh already described in connection with the Dionysus cult is obvious. It was an aetiological myth through and through. The worshippers of Dionysus were familiar with the ritual fact that a sacrificial animal, which in a sense embodied the god, was torn to pieces and eaten. They sought the sanction of antiquity and divinity for their ritual and posited the dismemberment of their god by the ancient Titans. Shocked at the thought of the brutal murder of a god, they had the bad Titans blasted by Zeus for their wickedness. Thus from the ritual fact of a feast of raw flesh, there grew up the myth of Dionysus Zagreus, the god on whom the Orphic cult was focused.

The importance of this myth lies in the fact that in Orphic thought it was connected with a peculiar theory concerning the origin and nature of man, and so ultimately with the thought of man's eternal destiny. From the ashes of the blasted Titans, the Orphic said, man was created. But these Titans had already consumed the god Dionysus, and their ashes contained the vitality of a divine being. Hence man by his very constitution was believed to be a compound of two natures, one Dionysian and immortal, the other Titanic and mortal. His soul was divine, but while in the body it was confined in a charnel house. Plato made full use of this Orphic conception, and in his Gorgias he quoted "a certain philosopher," who said, "We are dead and the body is a tomb."

Pindar earlier stressed the divine origin and nature of the human soul in contradistinction to the mortality of the human body. "While the body of all men is subject to over-mastering death, an image of life remains alive, for it alone comes from the gods," he affirmed. This sharp dualism of soul and body appears again and again in the Orphic tablets, though it is not always clear that the myth of the origin of man from the ashes of the Titans was in mind. On the Petelian tablet (south Italy, third century B.C.) the soul is represented as asserting its divine nature thus: I am a child of Earth and of Starry Heaven; But my race is of Heaven. Similarly, on three Cretan tablets the soul answers the challenge "Whence are you?" with a reiterated declaration of its dual origin, "I am son of Earth and of Starry Heaven." On the Compagno tablets found near Sybaris the soul makes a like affirmation to the "Pure Queen of Them Below . . . .," "I avow me that I am of your blessed race." The dualism thus fixed between body and soul was fundamental in Orphic theology. Though the body was an evil thing, the soul was divine and immortal..."
- Pagan Regeneration (Orphic Reform.)

I have been contemplating this, and my life, and I strongly suspect the time has come for me to work to avert the gaze and notice of things I should probably have left alone.

So. Just so you know. If your life sucks, and you've been practicing Dirty Magickz, then maybe you should consider giving it up and finding something smarter and healthier. But to each their own, of course.
"O Mighty Titans, who from heav'n [Ouranos] and earth [Gaia] derive your noble and illustrious birth, Our fathers fires, in Tartarus profound who dwell, deep merg'd beneath the solid ground: Fountains and principles, from whom began th' afflicted, miserable, race of man: Who not alone in earth's retreats abide, but in the ocean and the air reside; Since ev'ry species from your nature flows, which all prolific, nothing barren knows: Avert your rage, if from th' infernal seats one of your tribe should visit our retreats." - Orphic Hymn to the Titans.


Scylla said...

Titans = Lovecraftian Great Old Ones.

Viewed through that lens - a Practitioner who works with them can, at best, hope to be a monkey that dances in a charming fashion when it's nerves are stimulated.

Though toying with the Lovecraftian side, through fiction, can reveal things about the Titanic deities in a safer way.

Hecate... yeah, she's different. As are the Sumerian Tiamat and Abzu. Or the Pre-Ennead role of Anubis... I'll refrain from drawing parallels... they draw themselves.

Jack Faust said...

I completely agree, Scylla.

Mr VI said...

While I agree with the sentiment I am honestly not sure that Titans=Qlippoth.

Equally, the Jotnar (excepting perhaps the Muspell-kin) don't actively *hate* they just don't care.

Lovecraft's GOO don't hate humanity either.

Nobody has any control, and I think it's high time people realised that.

Scylla said...

Mr. Vi - The Great Old Ones don't hate humanity, never said as such. We're just less than nothing to them. AT BEST, amusing. At WORST annoying. We are fleas to them - they will not hesitate to scratch.

Let us ever pray that we do not nibble on anyplace tender.

One can draw parallels with the Titans that are artful and useful enough for most.

Frater A.I.T. said...

Great post. Some of the Titan stuff....I don't know, man. My patron is technically a Titan...he hasn't eaten me. Well. Not yet, anyway. My life is good--great, even. I have love. I have power. I have some freedom, and respect from many of my peers. I've gained an immense amount from the relationship, and what I've lost was his anyway.

Not that I'm an expert on Titans. You have certainly taught me a lot of late about their nature with your research and good counsel.

Jack Faust said...

@Brother AIT: I would lump Saturn in with Hecate and Prometheus. And then ya gotta discern between the planet, god, etc. I would not be surprised if you discovered a "dead" aspect of the god that lacks all of the potential goodness you're looking for.

But - yeah. He isn't as dangerous as some.

VI: There's comparisons and differences, true.

Jack Faust said...

Hey Rose: Sorry I deleted your post. I can't have her (L-lady) being actively mentioned for the time being.

I am burning links tomorrow, in the Hour of the Sun.

Rose Weaver said...

Not a problem. Not actively working anymore anyway, but I completely understand. :)

Jack Faust said...

@Rose: Purge just finished. I honestly kinda recommend we all do it. I took Sutra 2, Papyrus with names I needed purged, and bound it all together with red string. Then I called on all my helpers and requested they help me out, and reaffirmed my vows to seek the council of my Higher Self, and cut the string connecting my hands and the items... And went and burned all that shit. Took a cleansing bath with sandalwood and rosemary, and burned the rosemary.

The paper did not want to burn. Lol. Even with accelerant. Some Mars mojo helped. Now I'm continuing the purge process, but I feel much better. only time will tell if it fully worked.

Rose Weaver said...

@Jack; honestly, I began this process a couple weeks ago but on a more subtle level. It just ... felt right. I've stepped it up in a big way. It may take me a bit of time, but it will get done. ;)

Jack Faust said...

@Rose: Do as you do, ma'am. I have great faith in you!

Austin said...

First, good luck with your process, man. The way twists and folds back on itself in response to the pull of equilibrium.

Second, some of the titans seem just as you describe them. A number, some of which you mentioned, are entirely contrary.

The titans that are descendents of Uranus and Gaia are a good example of the not-so-scary type. Themis, for example, who embodies divine order, law, and custom. Or Oceanus, who is the power of the Ocean, or Hyperion, the power of the Sky.

But if you direct yourself to the brood of Nyx, ole mother night, the story is significantly different. We've got Moros ("Doom"), Thanatos ("Death"), Nemesis ("Retribution"),Apate ("Deceit")and Achlys ("Death Mist"). To name a few.

These children of Nyx seem to be much closer to the primordial and contrary forces you're describing.

The titans seems to represent harm done through the indifference of natural forces. The ocean feeds villages and drowns daughters.

On the other hand, many of the children of Nyx represent actively harmful conditions that target living creatures. Much closer to the devil/qlip idea.

Anyway, those are some thoughts.