Friday, May 13, 2011

The last post.

So, I went to Lunar Mercury and was like: "Share your secrets, man!"

And he did tell me, "you're doing it wrong."

"Y u no liek me?" Was the only legitimate response, to which Mercurius did respond:
"Spagyry, motherfucker."

And so it shall be. The last, lost post in a condensed and humored format.

Thursday, May 12, 2011


So, I thought I had - once again - discovered a cheater's method for fast and hard discoveries about the nature of the universe. Using Fluid Condensers and planetary influences, of course. You might have seen some of the work and heard me briefly address it. I'll still be continuing to write-up progress and try and distill it. But...

Silly me. I was wrong. Nothing is ever easy. Whenever will I learn that?

Upon ingesting the Condenser for Mercury, I was afforded a number of dreams involving growing various plants, using Spagyry to cultivate their essence, and then return to the basic process I'd begun at a later time with better ingredients. I strongly suspect this is true, which means that I'll be shifting over to Spagyry (and, of course, other operations). This means that those few who were told that I was going to give them said Talismans will, unfortunately, not be getting them. I do apologize - it seems that my awesomeness does not extend beyond my pinky (... Mercury). I believe I've contacted all of you, but if I had not then smack me with a cast iron frying pan or something for my failures.

I do have some awesome containers that VVF helped me make for the final products, though. I can throw pictures of them up on here if folks want to see them, either later or whenever.

Tomorrow I shall buy some mighty-proof alcohol and then add in almonds, along with maybe beginning a process that Fr. AIT was kind enough to pass along to me earlier this morning.

In the meantime I have two book reviews, and a dozen half-written posts to finish. And work!

I said I needed something to knock me out of my period of sloth, but this is ridiculous.