Thursday, April 7, 2011

Last Entry.

On re-reading, I hated what I'd written more than what I'd written before.

Some of the things I want to write are just taking more time than I'd like. But when they're done, let's hope they aren't just bland & boring self-aggrandization, 'eh?

This is the goal. To discuss a subject, and how one diverged, without also tooting one's horn.


the Valentines said...

A little horn-tooting should be acceptable. It is after all the sole purpose of a horn.

Robert said...

I hate it when you post and delete. There is nothing wrong with being human. There is only something off kilter when you're head is firmly planted in your ass.

Rose Weaver said...

I enjoyed it, actually. I do believe you nailed it, so to speak. Now off to re-read my grandmother's self-hypnotism book. It's next to her '73 edition of Dion Fortune's book on QBL. ;) Yeah, she left me a lot of cool books to twist... er... play with in a Chaotic sort of way.

The Scribbler said...

Somehow my feed reader still got a copy of your last post, so I still got to read it after you yanked it.

Chicken shit! Lost your nerve after bravely saying what you think? I think it was a damned fine post, even if it might have benefited from laying aside and editing some hours later. But the essence is good. I learned something from reading it.

Often it's the things you're nervous about that are the most worth publishing. Though sometimes those things blow up in your face. Hard to tell the difference before you publish. Writing is risky if you're trying to find the truth.

Keep walking that fine line! We are, essentially, two very different people, but I love reading your perspective. That's what's so great about this corner of the blogosphere. We're all very different, and we learn from that difference.

Jack Faust said...

Haha. Guys, I'm still going to say it. It just needs a bit of a re-write, some editing, and maybe further extrapolation. On my re-read I saw too many gaps, sudden shifts in discourse, and incoherence.

It should have been a rough but I rushed to publish without thinking... Because I'd written things. *chuckle*

@Rose: Ew. Fortune. Well. As long as you enjoy it!

@Scrib: It wasn't a blow up I was afraid of. At least at present.

@Valentine: It should be remembered that I've never owned a car...

@Robert: That may be true, but it does not justify complete incoherence. (Except where incoherence may be warranted.)

Gordon said...

I'm with Rose. Made sense to me.

Plus I was kinda hoping to respond to part of it: I don't think it was built like a Monsanto seed with an inevitable kill switch... In fact it seems periodic self-assessment is a sign of health.

Consider what happens in other currents as an alternative: Endless rebrands. (Not mentioning any names.)

Also: Witch is where my head would be at if it wasn't in chaos magic. It interests me that you appear to think similarly.

the Valentines said...

Now I am just frustrated that I am the only one that didn't get to read it.

Jack Faust said...

@Valentine: I'll bung you the draft tonight. lol.

@Gordon: Worry not! I WILL FINISH. In the meantime, I have totally off-topic questions for you: HTC Desire S, Desire HD, or Thunderbolt? Which hits your geek implants harder and why? (I'm getting a new phone for my birthday and thus leaning towards a Thunderbolt, but a bit disappointed about skype and the lack of Android 2.3/Gingerbread.)

Rose Weaver said...

@Jack; regarding Fortune, I have my issues with the book, but for sentimental reasons, I keep it... and it still contains some decent info.

Still, good post IMO.

Jack Faust said...

@Gordon: Nevermind. Picked up an HTC Thunderbolt after all. hee.