Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gratias Agamus Saturno!

Day of Saturn + Hour of the Moon [Saturn + Lunar Conjunction]
“Hode he sophia! Eirene hymin adelphoi! Eirene kai eleutheria! Ho ophis! Ho archaios! Ho drakon! Ho megas! Ho on kai – Ho on kai! Ho zomeis tous Aionas – to Aionon! Meta tou Pnuematos sou!”
(Peace be with you, my friends! Peace and freedom! The primeval serpent, the great dragon, who was and who is, and who lives through the aeons of aeons! He is with your spirit!)
- Stephen Flowers, The Fraternitas Saturni – or Brotherhood of Saturn: An Introduction to its History, Philosophy, and Rituals. (Appendix B: Ritual Missae for the Grand and Festival Lodge).
Created by Faust, Cleanup by VVF.

Sigilized Phrases: Silentium est Auren (head; means of negation for false imprisonment), Causa latet (left side; trigger; Ovid), Vis est Notissima (right side, trigger; Ovid), Sisto Activitatem (tail, final potential).
Purpose: Entrapment of loose tongues, busy-bodies, and gossip. (Silence/cessation of activity negates.) Stick their name, a sigil of their name, or their image in the belly. Or just launch the thing and let it devour any crowds of gossipers! (The latter will likely piss off a whole slew of people; the former will create an activated link you either need to mask or hide somehow if they're fellow practitioners. It is advised that you do not attempt to use this on a fellow practitioner.)
Colors: Saturn is Dark Blue/Indigo/Black, and the moon is white/red/black (tap color based on lunar cycle, currently the moon is Red).
Crazy Hand Ju-ju: Saturn is represented by the middle finger!
Suggested Music: Why not this song?
Bonus points for Tyrannically Wrong Operations: Baptize and name (“I name you X”) a poppet in the name of the individual causing you trouble while reciting Psalm 52 and scrawling the sigil above on the belly/chest of the poppet.
Super-bonus points: Put it in a Black Box capped with the Seal of Saturn on the top, Square of Saturn on the bottom/reverse side, and the Seal of the Moon left and its Square and right sides. Line the interior with mirrors and place the poppet within. You now have a super-nasty mirror cage.

Remember that individuals ceasing to continue such gossipful activities will be let out of the “belly of the beast.” And that before any magical operation, you should always consider mundane ways of stopping the activity.

This has been your weekend toxicity to counter-balance the Luck.

Be seeing you,
Mr. Faust.

Note: I will be periodically creating these/pulling them out of the Ether. Sometimes, I will try and explain some or all of the above. Sometimes I will just give you a quick and bullshit/mysterious explanation. I will always at least call the entity or power I'm trying to express up in my Astral temple and test it before it ends up on this blog, as the rule stands. I feel I should note that the Psalm above is a binding Psalm for slander (or so it would appear!), but does not equate to the numerical value of Saturn, nor do the Latin phrases. Those are to further shape the intent. If I wasn't lazy, I'd take the time to turn them into phrases that equate to 45. Or the moon/81. And then I'd maybe conjure some intelligences, and ask them to help the new Gossip-Eater find what it needs to. And maybe an intelligence for Caput Draconis, too. You know. If I wasn't lazy. But, these are suggestions on how to make it way, way better. Have fun!


Rufus Opus said...

You're no longer the WORST Black Brother Ever.

Jack Faust said...


My evil construct DOES have a way out, though. (Mostly so someone doesn't complain to me.)

Sefriel said...

Absobloodylutely not RO.

WitchDoctorJoe said...

Thats frickin sweet, I loved the geomancy.

the Valentines said...

I love it! Deceptive AND cruel.

Rufus Opus said...

When we met, I got this vibe off you that you were doing this kind of shit all the time. Not just Saturn hexencraften, but actual magic stuff that changes the world.

This is why I assumed you were an Adept. And Enlightened.

Jack Faust said...

Oh, I do it a *lot*.

I also test the evil shit out on myself. I mean, why not gossip less and take the migraine as a lesson? heh.

But I always figured any sorcerer or magician could do the same...

Rufus Opus said...

Could do the same, I agree. But does do the same, not so much.