Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Follow-Up on Saturn and Luna

“The unjustly injured are not benefited if the same injury is inflicted on the aggressor: punishment should not only be corrective but compensatory to the victim. This does not preclude other kinds of deterrents if necessary.
If you must murder, seek the murderers; meet evil with evil, even unto yourself.”
- Austin Spare, The Logomachy of Zos.
 So, I may have over-done it with the fasting and steeping myself in Saturnian energies last night. Not a huge deal by any means; I got up today, tapped Jupiter and then the Sun through nothing more than visualization and a lot of the stress I was feeling impacting me departed.

Perhaps the funniest part was when, after I'd launched the entity and dealt with it in real time (outside the astral temple), my buddy called up... And I took a moment to gossip. As I had anticipated the response was a whack! TO THE FACE!

Nightmares, migraines, and so forth. But this is good. This is exactly what I wanted for myself - to be made aware when I'm saying things that could hurt the feelings of another. If I was ever going to use the thing on someone else, I'd demand I'd felt it's impact first (unless their actions were so heinous as to demand something... more cruel).

I turn 27 tomorrow. And I feel like I learned a lot last night, though I'm not yet aware of all of it. I also was made aware that my process could be entirely reversed for healing operations last night - in the midst of one of those nightmares! I have no idea why I'd never really thought about the full capability of poppets and remote healing. But hell. It was weird to see in a nightmare: Pick a Psalm for health, healing, the love or grace of God - baptize the poppet while reciting that and tapping the planetary energies that back up such things. Simultaneously filter those through positive Geomantic figures that are ruled by the same planets, and remember to perform divination beforehand (or at least ask an attendant spirit, if you have one, if your idea is a good one).

Anyway - I love you all and hope you have a great beginning to this upcoming week. May the blessings of the gods, spirits, and the love of your fellow (wo)/man hold you up in bad times.

Be seeing you,
Jack Faust


Robert said...

Jack, I am proud of you. Honestly proud.

the Valentines said...

Dude, you really got to stop cursing yourself one of these days.

Jack Faust said...

@Robert: Many thanks, sir!

@Valentine: that wasn't as bad as past experiments! Besides: Sol and Jupiter negate as intended. And I needed to make sure I knew what would happen. Lol.