Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Follow-Up on Saturn and Luna

“The unjustly injured are not benefited if the same injury is inflicted on the aggressor: punishment should not only be corrective but compensatory to the victim. This does not preclude other kinds of deterrents if necessary.
If you must murder, seek the murderers; meet evil with evil, even unto yourself.”
- Austin Spare, The Logomachy of Zos.
 So, I may have over-done it with the fasting and steeping myself in Saturnian energies last night. Not a huge deal by any means; I got up today, tapped Jupiter and then the Sun through nothing more than visualization and a lot of the stress I was feeling impacting me departed.

Perhaps the funniest part was when, after I'd launched the entity and dealt with it in real time (outside the astral temple), my buddy called up... And I took a moment to gossip. As I had anticipated the response was a whack! TO THE FACE!

Nightmares, migraines, and so forth. But this is good. This is exactly what I wanted for myself - to be made aware when I'm saying things that could hurt the feelings of another. If I was ever going to use the thing on someone else, I'd demand I'd felt it's impact first (unless their actions were so heinous as to demand something... more cruel).

I turn 27 tomorrow. And I feel like I learned a lot last night, though I'm not yet aware of all of it. I also was made aware that my process could be entirely reversed for healing operations last night - in the midst of one of those nightmares! I have no idea why I'd never really thought about the full capability of poppets and remote healing. But hell. It was weird to see in a nightmare: Pick a Psalm for health, healing, the love or grace of God - baptize the poppet while reciting that and tapping the planetary energies that back up such things. Simultaneously filter those through positive Geomantic figures that are ruled by the same planets, and remember to perform divination beforehand (or at least ask an attendant spirit, if you have one, if your idea is a good one).

Anyway - I love you all and hope you have a great beginning to this upcoming week. May the blessings of the gods, spirits, and the love of your fellow (wo)/man hold you up in bad times.

Be seeing you,
Jack Faust

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gratias Agamus Saturno!

Day of Saturn + Hour of the Moon [Saturn + Lunar Conjunction]
“Hode he sophia! Eirene hymin adelphoi! Eirene kai eleutheria! Ho ophis! Ho archaios! Ho drakon! Ho megas! Ho on kai – Ho on kai! Ho zomeis tous Aionas – to Aionon! Meta tou Pnuematos sou!”
(Peace be with you, my friends! Peace and freedom! The primeval serpent, the great dragon, who was and who is, and who lives through the aeons of aeons! He is with your spirit!)
- Stephen Flowers, The Fraternitas Saturni – or Brotherhood of Saturn: An Introduction to its History, Philosophy, and Rituals. (Appendix B: Ritual Missae for the Grand and Festival Lodge).
Created by Faust, Cleanup by VVF.

Sigilized Phrases: Silentium est Auren (head; means of negation for false imprisonment), Causa latet (left side; trigger; Ovid), Vis est Notissima (right side, trigger; Ovid), Sisto Activitatem (tail, final potential).
Purpose: Entrapment of loose tongues, busy-bodies, and gossip. (Silence/cessation of activity negates.) Stick their name, a sigil of their name, or their image in the belly. Or just launch the thing and let it devour any crowds of gossipers! (The latter will likely piss off a whole slew of people; the former will create an activated link you either need to mask or hide somehow if they're fellow practitioners. It is advised that you do not attempt to use this on a fellow practitioner.)
Colors: Saturn is Dark Blue/Indigo/Black, and the moon is white/red/black (tap color based on lunar cycle, currently the moon is Red).
Crazy Hand Ju-ju: Saturn is represented by the middle finger!
Suggested Music: Why not this song?
Bonus points for Tyrannically Wrong Operations: Baptize and name (“I name you X”) a poppet in the name of the individual causing you trouble while reciting Psalm 52 and scrawling the sigil above on the belly/chest of the poppet.
Super-bonus points: Put it in a Black Box capped with the Seal of Saturn on the top, Square of Saturn on the bottom/reverse side, and the Seal of the Moon left and its Square and right sides. Line the interior with mirrors and place the poppet within. You now have a super-nasty mirror cage.

Remember that individuals ceasing to continue such gossipful activities will be let out of the “belly of the beast.” And that before any magical operation, you should always consider mundane ways of stopping the activity.

This has been your weekend toxicity to counter-balance the Luck.

Be seeing you,
Mr. Faust.

Note: I will be periodically creating these/pulling them out of the Ether. Sometimes, I will try and explain some or all of the above. Sometimes I will just give you a quick and bullshit/mysterious explanation. I will always at least call the entity or power I'm trying to express up in my Astral temple and test it before it ends up on this blog, as the rule stands. I feel I should note that the Psalm above is a binding Psalm for slander (or so it would appear!), but does not equate to the numerical value of Saturn, nor do the Latin phrases. Those are to further shape the intent. If I wasn't lazy, I'd take the time to turn them into phrases that equate to 45. Or the moon/81. And then I'd maybe conjure some intelligences, and ask them to help the new Gossip-Eater find what it needs to. And maybe an intelligence for Caput Draconis, too. You know. If I wasn't lazy. But, these are suggestions on how to make it way, way better. Have fun!

Friday, April 15, 2011

On Luck

“There once were three brothers. One was smart, one was special, and one... was lucky.”

I'm told you make your own luck...
Note: sigil is intended to be tapped as shown first. Upright launch may generate weirdness.

Mini-Book Review: The Brazilian Palo Primer

Title: The Brazilian Palo Primer: Kimbanda Recipes To Make You Win at Love, Money, Business, and Life!
Author: Robert Laremy
Publisher & Date: Original Publications, 2002.
Rating: 10/10
Price-tag: Between six and ten bones, depending on where you shop and if you find it.
Comments in Brief: “The chickens must die.”

(I'm writing shit, and getting shit translated – not by me, my Spanish sucks – and transcribed, and I almost want to call this “busy”? Is that what this is? No. That was more stressful. In the meantime, a mini-review for a tiny book. Am I totally intoxicated, with no hope of return? Oh, yeah. Will I regret this review in the morning? I regret nothing! Nothing!)

This book should be re-subtitled: “How to fuck up your enemies (p. 8), win court cases (p. 9-10), break your buddy out of jail (p. 11), bring misfortune to your enemies (p. 13), make a man your slave (p. 17), and attract men (p. 19), while axing some chickens like a pro.” But I suppose that would take up most of the cover, which has a lovely picture instead.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. The author's tone was enjoyable, and I felt that I learned a bit more about 'Brizilian' Palo (Kimbanda, actually, I believe). I was particularly interested – early on – in a few comments he makes in the second chapter, and I'll quote them here:
The sigils we will be using in many of these workings are called pontos riscados, which means 'scratched points.' In Kimbanda, the ponto riscados is thought to be a way of accessing the astral plane. The chalk-like instrument traditionally used to write these pontos riscados is called pemba, but regular chalk, cascarilla, or even ink can be used also...”
Some time ago I concluded that much of the debate about what spirit is such-and-such or what their names meant were essentially meaningless twaddle, and that the operational thing to pay attention in the end was the sigil, seal, or what-have-you of the entity. If you could descipher what it was telling you, then you had the path. The name was meaningless, as names change over time. The essential purpose of the sigils and seals and such, in that case, was to tap the right entity. Or the right doorway to the entity you wanted. Whatever.

I'm not sure if this is entirely true anymore. But the way that Laremy put it, and the idea behind it, made perfect sense to me. Reshaping the material to cause an opening or doorway in the astral, if I grokk it right.

I do not know if I will ever need some of the operations contained within, as I've yet to have an unlawfully jailed buddy (but you never know, right?), and I seem to find a distinct lack of enemies in my life. I also don't think I need many more sexy menfolk at my beck and call.

All of that aside, I was particularly fascinated by the authors descriptions of the caboclo, which are spirits believed to be indigenous dead folk in Brazil. He quotes Joaozinho, a practitioner who worked with the caboclo as such:
The word 'caboclo' comes from the Tupi word 'kari'boka,' which means 'coming from whites,' in other words, an Indian who has white blood, a mestizo. The word has come to signify any Brazilian Indian. There are two major classifications of caboclos, those who dress like cowboys, called boiadeiros, and those who dress like 'Indians', that is, sporting feather headdresses and bows and arrows and are called, aptly, 'Indios.' Every spiritual entity worshipped in Brazil is foreign, except for the caboclos! The orixas came from Africa, Allan Kardec from France, Catholicism from Europe, even Jesus was born in the Middle East! But not caboclo, caboclo comes from our jungles, from our rivers. No spirit can better understand the Brazilian ethos than caboclo!”
Wait. Wait, wait, wait. Seriously? You have no idea about how interested I just became and what I've started considering. What if some of the spiritualists were... right? Also, I'd like to better understand the influence on Allan Kardec on Brazilian magical and spiritual practices. The author discussed Brazil giving Kardec a stamp, but nothing beyond that. So, I suppose I'll have some more reading to do.

Oh, yeah. Also, some of the fetishes and operations require the blood sacrifice of a chicken. As someone with a distinct loathing for the creatures, I was not much bothered by this, but I'm sure someone will object about how such brave and noble creatures could ever be allowed to die rapidly. However, the author does tell you to: “Snap the chicken's head off and pour blood on the fetish. Always say 'Ago!' when killing an animal, whispering 'I'm sending you to a higher birth.'”

For whatever reason, reading that reassured me. I'm absolutely sure that was the author's intent, and that my middle class-created bias against blood sacrifice has nothing to do with my initial reaction. On the other hand, if any animal has to die for an operation, I suppose it might as well be a chicken. Loathsome creatures, they are. Fuckers chased me around when I was a kid, once. Making their obscene noises at me, as they tried to peck at the calves of my legs while I fled toward a fence that I thought represented safety... Only to hit the fence and get pecked by a vicious little creature. Very well, then. If some chickens have to die, so be it. (“Well then, what about cats, 'eh? You've already allowed for chickens, so why not a few cats?” Fuck you! That's different because I say so.)

Anyway, the book is great. I have no idea if it's reliable – but reading it was enjoyable enough that even if it was full of shit, I probably wouldn't care. One last quotation for you, which had me almost spit the drink I'd been drinking all over the book:
“Although Kimbanda, like its African counterpart, Nganga, is a 'modern' religion devoid of what it deems unnecessary rituals, there is a modicum of ritualistic forms observed at Kimbanda meetings. The one I will describe took place in the Brazilian state of Bahia, in the house of a well-known practitioner named Joaozinho, a gay black man in his seventies, straight as a pole and as energetic as a teenager. His assistant, also his lover, is a blond Adonis in his twenties who makes a comfortable living as a soap opera star. When I rather impudently asked Joaozinho if magick had been a factor in his acquisition of "Adonis," he looked straight into my eyes with a deadpan expression, then looked at his friend standing nearby, quickly looking back at me and saying, without missing a beat, 'What do YOU think?'”

EDIT: This entry has been edited to correct drunken mistakes.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's all around you, man.

"You just need to know where to look."
Mexica dancers at Sacramento's Southside Park.

EDIT: This concludes the first test of my new Smart Phone.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Last Entry.

On re-reading, I hated what I'd written more than what I'd written before.

Some of the things I want to write are just taking more time than I'd like. But when they're done, let's hope they aren't just bland & boring self-aggrandization, 'eh?

This is the goal. To discuss a subject, and how one diverged, without also tooting one's horn.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Joseph Smith: A Cautionary Tale

“And, in a frenzy of fear and paranoia at the growing power of this latter-day Prophet, he is murdered by an angry mob on June 27.
He was wearing his Jupiter amulet at the time of his death, a photo of which can be seen in Quinn's book.
It is incorrectly engraved.
The Hebrew characters on top of the magic square of Jupiter in the original – to be found in The Magus and other places – reads “AL AB,” which means “The Father” and which is a holy name of Jupiter, which was Smith's ruling planet.
Unfortunately for Smith, his talisman is missing the final “B” character. Thus, the characters are A. L A, which in Hebrew means “but” or “only” or “except,” a preposition instead of a Divine Name of Jupiter. As any authority will tell you, one must be faithful to every letter and mark in a Grimoire and not edit the words, the signs or seals lest disaster befall. The other characters of the seal are correct, with one word being “ABA” or “Father” and the other “YHPYAL” or “Johphiel,” which is the “Intelligence of Jupiter.” With AL AB reduced to the preposition ALA, we are tempted to read the seal as “Father except Johphiel,” certainly a distressing combination implying that Johphiel is nowhere present.
The word “YHPYAL” according to Hebrew Qabala (cabala, kabbala, etc.) adds to the number 136, the same number on the seal of Jupiter which is a magic square, the sum of whose numbers in any row add to 136. The word “ABA” adds to four. The word “ALA” adds to thirty-two. It should have been “AL AB” which would have resulted in thirty four, and a grand total of 174. With the rror in AL AB, and reducing it to ALA, the total is 172.
According to Liber 777, which is a famous compendium of qabalistic numerology begun by the Golden Dawn and later compiled by Aleister Crowley, we read that the value of the number 174 will give us “Torches” and “Splendor ei per circuitum,” a pleasant enough attribution. The valuation for 172, however, gives us “cut, divided” and “The heel, the end”.
And so it was for Joseph Smith.”
- Peter Levenda, Sinister Forces: A Grimoire of American Political Witchcraft (Book One: The Nine).
Joseph Smith, friends. A cautionary tale, indeed. I believe my links are correct. Please, if I've made a mistake, correct me so that it's easy to follow. Warnock appears to have both Barrett's and a picture of Smith's amulet. But I can't really get a good look at the picture of Smith's amulet to tell if Levenda is 100% correct.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Memo from the Black Brotherhood #2

The Tower, ATU XVI.
Moon + Tower + Ace of Wands*
“When you reach the Tower, your fortunes will end & your troubles will begin.”
- Brotherhood Motto

“If you should meet the Buddha on the road: Kill. Him.
- Zen Koan

You think you're enlightened? You're not. You think you've survived it all, crossed the final abyss? You haven't.

It isn't that we don't believe in Truth: we're open to the idea. We sorcerers, we-the-people-of-the-Tower, we know that it might very well exist & we encourage any who find the desire for such a quest to go on that quest. But we expect that real adults, doing real adult magick, will remember they aren't enlightened... Yet. Maybe you'll become enlightened. But in the meantime, remember that “premature enlightenment” is 100% bullshit, all the time.

How can I alleviate my anxiety?
You need to learn how to meditate.

How can I create some kind of self-discipline in myself?
You need to learn how to meditate.

Because meditation will teach you to enter vacuity. We assure it: this is not a lie. Enough meditation for a long enough period, & during a lengthy enough timeline, & you will discover the Hidden Secret of vacuity. Once you reach that point you'll be near what John Lilly calls “the Zero-Point Hour” - a bodiless sense of virtual space in which darkness & silence extend pleasantly & infinitely in all directions. (Some keen Godform assumptions work great from within this space. Just sayin'.) At that point it will become relatively easy to begin jacking Elemental space, & within 'elemental space' you will build your elemental Astral Temples. Some GD groups have you build one at each first elemental grade. (We have no idea about how wide-spread this technique is.) It is awfully handy to have access to these spaces, as they can allow access to the astral.

How do I build an astral temple?
Look up directions on how to build a Memory Palace. Adapt them to whatever occult tech you feel like. We really don't care.

I suck at visualization. How can I correct this?
Two options: white-out, or black-out.
- Black Out: purchase a pair of welding goggles. Buy some black paint. Paint over the lenses (or, if you want to keep the goggles intact tape black butcher paper over the lenses). Putting these goggles on will put you in a state of “black out.”
- White Out: Get a shoe-box. Line the inside with white paper. On one of the small sides, puncture two holes equidistant from each other (start small & enlarge later), & add some string so it can sit on your face. Some individuals prefer to even cut grooves into the sides of the box so that their face can fit easily against the box. Now, either get a small “travel reader's light” & place it over the holes, or sit under a fuck-off bright light. Regardless, you've now entered “White Out” if you managed to figure out these instructions.
For the first week, do nothing but visualize a red dot the size of a quarter into either the black-out or white-out apparatus. Once you can easily pull the dot to mind & perhaps even see it in “real time” (this can become harder if you stop practicing), move on to a red triangle. Once you can also mentally pull up the triangle, turn the triangle into a 3-dimensional & moveable Pyramid. This should be nearing the three-week to a month mark, & at the point when you can create the red pyramid & manipulate it, you should start working on visualizing male & female statues & work on seeing if you can make them 'move' while engaging the visualization process.

Did we mention that you should learn how to meditate? We seriously meant it.

Why is the Tower so important?
The Tower is the House of God, the Crucible. The Tower is what happens when you've fucked up, but your head has been shoved so far up your ass that you couldn't see where you were heading. The Tower is Ego Death. Purgation. Notice the Eye of Shiva above the blasted edifice, & then snake on one side & the dove on the other? They represent the two modes of survival for those who have been caught in the shit-storm that the Tower represents, often having been lead there by illusion & delusion.

The dove is blind acceptance: a good card to reflect on, symbolically linked to the Dove at the Tower, is the Hanged Man.

The Snake is the desire to survive: the Devil, the Chariot, the Emperor. We tend to become raging assholes when we're confronted by the Tower & not ready to just – let go.

We suggest that upon reaching the Tower, you most assuredly have learned how to meditate. Then we suggest making recurrent, daily use of Austin Spare's Death Posture.

You are not who you think you are. Who you will become is entirely mysterious & up to you. & shouldn't it be such?

Dispense with the need to be seen as enlightened. We're all Fools here, in this place. Why else would we be here? & remember to laugh. A lot.
“No, Mr. Bond! I expect you to die! ”
* “What should I write about?”

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Path of the Fool as a Narrative Structure (Tarot)*

The Fool, ATU 0
(I technically wrote this for amusement on the Book of Faces, however, you can think of it as late April Fool's present for tarot users and lovers of myth. There are other applications that could be extrapolated, too. But, I leave that to the reader.

Being fond of Immersion tactics, why not also read this entry while listening to this song or this song?)

Doomed from the Start.
For the sake of brevity (of some sort), this commentary is based on the narrative/mythological structure suggested by Joseph Campbell in “The Hero with a Thousand Faces,” and makes use of the archetypal symbolism of the Majors (tarot) in the Thoth deck. Taking Campbell's basic structure, the path goes like this:

- The call (beginning of the spiritual quest): represented by ATU 0, The Fool. He symbolizes Air, Emptiness, or the can be considered the representation of the Unrefined Magician/(YOUR LABEL HERE). He holds the Cup of Water, the Wand of Fire, carries the Sword of Air, and the bag of planetary disks. Thus - he has all the symbolic equipment of the Magus, but none of the skillz of the Magus (ATU I). His path is often sparked by the Magus, who appears before him at the onsent of his spiritual quest and often helps him discern the use of at least on instrument. In some cases, the Magus will be displaced by the Priestess (ATU II) who appears as the divine representative or helper/"fairy godmother" in folk & fairy tales. These two cards represent the helping hands or divine aid that provides the Fool for his potential progression.
The Tower, ATU XVI.

- The Fool and his quest are often opposed, at least symbolically, by Emperor (ATU IV) or the Empress (ATU III) who can be seen as either internal or external agents. They may represent faulty tendencies in the Fool, individuals he has to overcome, or the general State in which he/she lives.

- His first stage is marked by the “crossing of the threshold,” which can be seen as being the activation of one of his Tools. The world accessed can be represented by either Majors or the minor of that Tool at this stage.

- The Fool's end goal can be seen as embodying the following cards: The Lovers (ATU VI), The Hierophant (ATU V – internal or external), Fortune (ATU X), Lust (ATU XI – a true King this fool would be), or Art (ATU XIV).
Death, ATU XIII.

- The Fool, upon activating his second Tool, will normally find himself in the stage Campbell calls “The Belly of the Whale.” This is the point at which the Fool will either hit The Tower (ATU XVI), generate the spectre of Death (ATU XIII * - OOOPS. Fixed.), the Star (ATU XVII), the Devil (ATU XV) or a combination thereof. This is the true threshold state, and the Fool will be advised to have some damn good tech on hand to help. There are varying degrees of each, too. The Fool can also choose to do the Hermit thing (abandon the quest temporarily or permantently ATU IX), or the Hanged Man (ATU XII). The Hanged Man is the best bet, really. But also the most horrifying.

- The Fool normally has the blessing of the Moon (ATU XVIII) or the Sun (ATU XIX), but often is unaware of this. Aware fools might seek that advise, along with any/all astrological intelligences they can get at. (See the cards for each as a narrative springboard.)
- The World in which the quest takes place is represented by the Universe (ATU XXI), and the Time by the Aeon (ATU XX).

Lust, ATU XI.

“Yea! Before thee all the most holy is profane, O thou desolator of shrines! O thou falsifier of the oracles of truth! Ever as I went, hath it been thus. The truth of the profane was the falsehood of the Neophyte, and the truth of the Neophyte was the falsehood of the Zelator! Again and again the the fortress mut be battered down! pylon must be over thrown! Again and again must the gods be desecrated!
And now I lie supine before thee, in terror and abasement. O Purity! O Truth! What shall I say? My tongue cleaveth to my jaws, O thou Medusa that hast turned me to stone! Yet is that stone the stone of the philosophers. Yet is that tongue Hadit.”
- Aleister Crowley, The Cry of the Second Aethyr.


EDIT #2: I was, apparently, being far too cryptic when I wrote this. This does not mean to suggest that the structure I've given you is the only one, or even a good one. Re-arrange the card as necessary. And then, if you want something fun, maybe use the structure to write a story. And then maybe enflame yourself and let the story run wild in your head in some form or another.

The above does not, in any way, describe the Tarot as they are or how they specifically relate to one another. It's merely meant to suggest a potential for the progression of the narrative. In other words, it's meaningless. The links were intended to have more meaning and be more useful than the structure or writing itself... Hence, it's an April Fool's Present.