Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Techlovers: Tor/I2P

I have never tested out networks like Tor, or I2P... So I'm wondering how well they work, what the drawbacks are, etc.

Any commentators that wish to offer tips, advice, or thoughts are free to do so. Anon comments are enabled and will remain enabled (possibly permanently).


Anonymous said...

TOR is pretty good about ensuring privacy, but it is extremely slow, being largely crippled by people using it to mask P2P sharing applications like Bittorrent.

Pallas Renatus said...

I'm more of a Tor fan than an I2P fan (given that I operate a Tor node, lol). Honestly though, the answer depends on what you're using the network for. There's been a recent upswing in available bandwidth on the Tor network, so it's plenty viable for helping to secure web and email traffic at reasonable speeds. If you don't feel like reading the manual, the "browser bundle"s on torproject.org will be plenty to get you started web-wise. The network really isn't well-suited for P2P traffic, unless you weren't planning on watching your pirated shows until an hour short of eternity.

An important note, though: Many people forget that while these networks anonymize where your traffic comes from, it doesn't obscure what is in it. So it's still important to use encrypted connections over Tor, such as HTTPS for web and STARTLS for email traffic.

Feel free to shoot me an email with any questions you might have.