Thursday, March 3, 2011

“My System is Way Better Than Your System 'Cuz...”

Not long ago an occultist I know said something roughly along the lines of, “well boy, why aintcha an Adept yet?” (It wasn't really along those lines at all, actually. But pretend it was with me.)

I balked. I always balk at that question. I refuse to claim titles for myself unless they're bullshit titles (I'm a Saint, remember), I don't want power – over you, or anyone else, anyway. Power over myself or for use by myself is a bit different, and bothers me far less. I know what knowledge I can and can't be trusted with after years of dabbling in whatever I've felt like.

But, no. I'm not an Adept. Good god. That'd ruin all the fun, wouldn't it? By my token – and I'm speaking outside the context of Grades here because someone can hold a Grade that declares them an Adept and fall short of my expectations – an Adept is an individual who's synthesized a huge chunk of at least one system, elementally balanced themselves and prepared their consciousness for the raw matrix of the so-called “inner mysteries.” Those mysteries come in different flavors, and it wouldn't do to over generalize about them. You get the mysteries that the path you've moved along has prepared you for. Worrying about what they might or might not be beforehand is pointless and an excuse to ignore the Work.

So. I'm not elementally balanced. I may have some chunks of various systems in my head, but they are hardly complete and sometimes some of the discussion I try to follow cause my eyes to glaze over. Because the matter being discussed bores the Hell out of me. So I just tune all of that data out, and go do something else. I'm undisciplined. Lazy. I wield my pride like a weapon, and find the usual comments from certain types that I must purge myself of it to be... Well. I normally notice that they have it, too. They just hide it and deceive themselves. And I refuse to play that game. I am better than that. I have pride where I have pride, and I should also be aware of my weaknesses. And so I am.

I've just spent the above time trashing myself to make a point, though. Knowing my weaknesses leads me to wonder about when I should say someone is wrong – especially in spiritual contexts. How am I to know that? What if I'm wrong? What if blocks in my knowledge are leading me to erroneous conclusions?

So telling people that “energy” is bullshit, or that a given system is bullshit is hard for me. Because I rarely feel that way. What if it isn't? Reiki looks like crazy talk from loons to me, but what if I'm wrong? How the fuck do I know that you can't become an Reiki master in a weekend? Who knows. If you've got the talent for energy down already, why not? Maybe it's just proper instruction and streamlining the process that you need – and not years of training.

On the other hand: it takes 10,000 hours of work on a given subject to become an expert. Just take a moment to try and comprehend 10,000 hours of your life being dedicated to a single, given subject so you can know it back-to-forward. There are a lot of fake experts out there. And many of them deserve a good kicking.

And in that case, I say – kick 'em. Fuck 'em. Who cares, right? Let them reap their grand rewards as they come. Let them experience the rage of others who discover they've been misled. Let us make of a spectacle of it, even. Or not. It's still a subject, “who cares” general train of thought that I'm trying to hold here.

So with all of that said:
I like Heathens. I like GD folks. I am skeptical of many Reiki masters, but they're cool, too. I like the OTO. The IOT is laughable, but acceptably so. We ought to expect that of the IOT. The A/X will forever be the anarchy of awesome. Eclectic Wicca? Why not. Traditional Wicca? Assuredly. Traditional, non-Wicca, Witchcraft? Definitely.

I sort've feel that people should choose a path, work it, and just stop worrying about what others think. Unless their actions are so unspeakable that the law ought to be involved, why bother with it at all? Expect bad behavior everywhere. Expect some folks to hold grudges.

So from hence forth I'm going to work on a policy of, “not for me, but hey – do what thou will, right?”

I doubt I'll ever be less critical of specific thoughts, however. Or gross misbehavior from wankers. But wankers gonna wank, right?

So keep at it, friends. Enough wanking and surely you will save the world. It's what Chaos Magick taught me. Or so I'm always told by those that “know.” (I'm not smirking as I write those words. Really.)

This entry was pointless, meandering thought. If you've read this far, I apologize. I've undoubtedly wasted your time.


Frater A.I.T. said...

Uhh....I actually found this post to be every interesting and insightful, so no need to apologize. Time thoroughly unwasted, Brother.

To speak to the bit about declaring something that may be do it because you have an understanding. These aren't set in stone, but when internally held (and unchallenged) they may as well be. The old Platonic schools of "philosophy" created understanding through argument, through exchange of ideas. There is more wrong in refusing to defend an idea then sharing it....Arguing internally is just masturbation. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective challenging your ideas to create personal growth. Sometimes there is no change after the exchange, but even little alterations in understanding are useful. Gold can be mined from these sorts of arguments, and understanding of oneself. Fear of being wrong, or of being judged, limits this opportunity.

It also helps if you know what you're talking about, ha. Making a bold statement about something one is steeped in is different than running off at the mouth without any real study or understanding. Then, you're just a jackass. IMHO, of course.

And sometimes you gotta call a duck a duck.

The Scribbler said...

No. You didn't waste my time at all.

I only jumped into the "energy" debate because, well, I feel I have an "informed" opinion. You will notice that in arguing for my view, I have never tried to negate anyone else's. I'm not into that.

I am cautious for the very same reason as you. There's always the thought in the back of my head: "But what if so-and-so is right?" And so I keep reading to see if what they say starts to make sense. In the energy debate, everyone has made good points, albeit there is a lot of talking past each other going on.

I really don't give a rat's ass what's going on with whatever branch of the Golden Dawn. To little old me sitting here in an obscure backwater of Central Europe it is, like, soooooo irrelevant. As I said to RO: Golden Dawn is a couple of books I have on the shelf that I occasionally (make that rarely) check for reference. That's just not the direction my practices have taken.

There are people who are "called", and pursue their craft with passion, and there wankers. And though I have my suspicions who is which, unless I have to depend on them for some reason, I try to suspend judgement as much as possible.

Rose Weaver said...

Time not wasted. Points very well made. Agree with all of them. This comment is wasted space. ;) Just wanted to acknowledge your post states how I feel, but as usual, you state things much better than me, so now I don't have to worry about trying. Thanks!

Veles said...

Time is never wasted when Faust talks.

Gordon said...

You are the king of awesome.

The end.

(Fun fact. Google appears to disagree with me in a vaguely racist way. Word verification: "bastedo")

S.L. Æris said...

Amen, fellow Wanker.

The Scribbler said...

I'm sure Herr Faust is proud of being a "bastedo".

Pallas Renatus said...

As a side-note:

Google is a strange creature.