Thursday, March 10, 2011

I. Nu-Flesh

I've already posted the entirety of the first part to, however Valentine asked me to throw the entry on here since he "get(s) more traffic from that blog than ... from the porn stars!"

I guess that makes this blog better than some porn. Or something. Anyhow, I'm gonna meet him in the middle and post some of the entry here. It'll read a bit choppy, as I'm cutting some bits out for the sake of space and the fact that it's a respost.

Long Live the New Flesh!
A few weeks ago, I asked some friends whether or not they had ever considered themselves Chaos Magicians, if they still did, and finally if “the unrelenting drive to be cool” was what killed the mainstream aspects of the Chaos Current. I received a number of responses, but Ryan Valentine’s response (Not Safe For Work) has been the longest and I promised him I'd return the written favor, as it were...

Valentine's first response was that Chaos Magick died because it got “cut off from its roots,” and so I asked him what he meant by that. The entry above explains what he meant, and his thoughts on the matter... Valentine makes another set of comments, however, that I do have a response to. One I’ve been thinking about for a while. I quote:
“Out of this year’s line-up of roughly 240 presentations… only two represent one of the actual pagan religions of the America’s. One devotional to Pomba Gira (which is where any self-respecting woman ‘trans’ or otherwise, foolish enough to attend this thing in the first place should go) and a Haitian ceremony for Damballah.
Two out of 240!
There are about a million neo-pagans and wiccans in America according to current standards. The number of South American, Mexican and Caribbean practitioners of dynamic alternative faiths far exceeds that of the white non-Christian minority faiths. Santeria, the most prevalent of the Creole faiths in America right now most likely outnumbers all of the neo-pagans and wiccans and new-agers put together and yet not one of these practitioners (most likely Mexican or Hispanic) numbered among Pantheacon presenters.”
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See Valentine's entry here, if you missed the link above.