Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Gift for the Black Dog

It shall be altered. But its mere purchase just caused a rather significant change in the atmosphere.

Oi, Valentine & Kenaz: Afro-carribean spirit bottles: what do you normally put in 'em? Just out of curiosity. I may not try it. But...

Note to All: Should you ever gain a spirit that helps you out, a familiar and trust-worthy (to a degree) sort of one, and they tell you I want that when you see an object... Get it for them.


the Valentines said...

Usually depends on the spirit in question. Have you asked the Dog?

Also, you posted this entry at 3:33.

Jack Faust said...

He doesn't seem to care. I'm hoping to at least get a list of ingredients to run off to him in the Temple before I start work, though.

And yes. The memes are lurking! Oh no! EVER CLOSER TO THE PIT OF CHORONZON WITH MY WITCH-SPIRIT. /Bullshit hype.

Intriguing, though. I'll keep the occurrence in mind.

the Valentines said...

Just couldn't help noticing. I'll throw something useful at you tomorrow and some vagueries right now. I got to go rock out very shortly.

I can't speak to initiate vodoun but I came across an old hoodoo formula somewhere that stated traditional gris-gris should always contain an animal part, a vegetative part and a mineral part. Bone (blood), plant and stone (or just dirt sometimes, pick your graves based on what your magical aim is) basically.

Thats basic set-up for any kind of bottle-charm for me now. Most often I use iron nails (extremely popular), corresponding herb-to-action (or shit like weed or mandrake or mushrooms for general magical potency) a drop of blood and two spiders.

Try to get females. Together in the bottle one will kill the other, if your lucky you get babies and the cycle within the bottle continues indefinitely. Very potent.

The spirit bottles will of course contain a healthy quantity of appropriate spirit (booze to be transparent about it) often with associated herbal or plant infusions. Brigittes pepper-rum is a widely known variant of that theme. Over-proof rum stuff with habenero's.

The bottle is then wrapped in colored fabrics (some old hoodoo use clay pots which aren't wrapped but carefully painted) which correspond to the spook, sometimes with the veve sewn into the fabric sometimes painted on.

At times, thin decorative chords (braid of three always, colors right again) are used to tie the fabric flush around the neck of the bottle. Appropriate trinkets are sometimes hung from these, often scissors or other protective objects will be attached this way. The bottle is kept upon a dedicated altar space.

Scylla said...

Seconding the "animal, vegetable, mineral" trio.

From what I've gathered, the ingredients change on a bottle-to-bottle basis.

Jack Faust said...

Oh, jesus christ. I am such a Chaos 'tard. That's why he liked Hot Pockets so much. Vegetable (sauce) and animal, along with the instruction to "drop it right in the dirt." (mineral.)

I can't believe I never saw that before. What the fuck is wrong with me?

Kenaz Filan said...

Think "Doctrine of Signatures."

If the Black Dog is a spirit connected with death, I'd probably put in a bit of graveyard dirt, some hot peppers (to heat the spirit up), and a little bit of rue.

Jack Faust said...

@Kenaz: Many thanks. I suppose this will mark a distinct shift in some of my practices in the future. *laughs*

I suppose it's time to break out the Master Book of Herbalism, then.

Jack Faust said...

Master Book of Herbalism was not the book I wanted. I suppose I'll have to consult Cunningham for now. Next week it'll have to be a Botanica run, and I'll see if I can find some of those crazy, tiny pamphlets with such interesting things in them. Hopefully on herbal additives.

Jack Faust said...

It looks like I ought to get a copy of Anna Riva's Modern Herbal Spell Book. Heh.

Scylla said...

I'm a bit of a herbwitch, if you would like any "not exactly what you'd find in a book" suggestions.

I'd second Kenaz's suggestion of graveyard dirt. I'd strongly suggest looking at Picasso Stone, Graveyard Plume Agate, and Black Tourmaline for minerals - they've got a real vibe about 'em for the Cthonic-journeying spirits.

An herb I'd suggest is Dandelion for a littany of reasons.

I'd be careful with Mandrake, as 99.999% of what's out there is Mayapple, which is far more toxic, way more disjointed, and (IME) less helpful in familiar arts.

the Valentines said...

Right ..

I would say, knowing that dog a bit that any herb you have already consecrated to Hekate would be quite fitting.

A considerable amount of herb stuffed and left to stand in a dark bottle will diffuse. In the case of thorn apple, belladonna, mandrake and many other of the graveyard herbs that means you will have a potently toxic liquor in that bottle. That seems fitting to me, given the nature of the spirit.

For bottles full of booze which are dedicated to the a spirit I usually try to use stone of some sort for mineral so that the liquid remains clear and doesn't turn to mud within the bottle. During possession these spirits will occasionally want to drink out of the bottle. Scylla's mineral suggestions are very good. I also sometimes will use a piece of gravestone instead(in the case of the dog I would choose the grave of a decorated soldier).

Pallas Renatus said...

"During possession these spirits will occasionally want to drink out of the bottle."

I don't have any experience in making spirit bottles, but to me this seems to be a good case for permanently sealing bottles that contain both baneful herbs and liquids; there's no "oh shit" moment like suddenly realizing that swig you just took was full of thorn-apple extract...

Rose Weaver said...

No comment on what to place within the bottle, just noting that your Black Dog has incredibly good taste. Damn cool bottle there!